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Well, after these events there usually some shuffling of the roster one or two new team books. It appears that Cap will find out about the mind wipe, so what will happen there.

1. What will the Illuminati's relationship be with their friends and teammates?

Several teams are going to be affected: Avengers, Invaders, Fantastic Four and the X-Men. Doctor Strange is rumored to be joining one team in the fall.

2. Will Ironman be kicked out of the Avengers? Can he have his Founder Status taken away?

3. Will the Avengers books be revamped? By the end of this series The Uncanny Avengers should be done with their long story line. Will there be a new line up in the New Avengers and Uncanny Avengers, not to mention the other titles.

4. I think a new Avengers book, titled Avengers: In Training.

Mr. Bojo

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Whatever happens in OS, I sincerely hope that it results in a reorganisation of the Avengers franchise.

Theres too many books around at the moment, with few of them being of particular interest to me, and none of them have a feel of any significance despite their best efforts - I mean, weve got the potential end of everything going on over in New Avengers, and yet I couldnt care less!!!

Personally I want to see the number of teams and books slashed, and lets get back to a place where being an Avenger means something.

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Mr Bojo

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I agree there are to many books that have little meaning. I love the Avengers, so thats a lot coming from me. I think there are good ideas, just poor;y done.

Avengers: the main book should have the main heroes. It the home office if you will. Where there are 25-30 members.

Uncanny Avengers: I like the idea, but I think the storyline that has been going on has been to long that I forget what has happened. I think this should be few X-Men : Wolverine, Rogue, Sunfire, X-Factor Havok and Polaris, Avengers Thor, Cap, Wasp, Wonderman, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. With Storm, Beast, Iceman, Sunspot, Cannonball, Smasher and Spiderman alternating in and out.

New Avengers: Either the Young Avengers or a book on Avengers in Training. White Tiger, Powerman III, Nova, Spider-girl, Thunderstrike, X-23, Lyra. Alternating main members taking them on missions.

Mighty Avengers: Back up team when the main team is away. Blue Marvel, Falcon, Spiderman and She Hulk being part of the main team. Thing, Moon Knight, Daredevil and Human Torch as reserves. Cage, Spectrum, X-51, Blade, Iron Fist, Yellowjacket II.

Avengers World: Powerhouse teams that handle global or off world threats. Main team, but calling in certain heroes for missions.

Avengers Assemble: Yes it was canceled, but this time, the theme is members from various teams work together who have not or not to often.

Avengers Initiative: S.H.I.E.L.D'S team, but with connection to the Avengers.

Secret Avengers: 1. Team that fights magic 2. team of Avengers that the world thinks is dead 3. Illuminati in hiding.

I am an Avenger: back up story/ limited series on various Avengers to develop their characters. Possible team ups too.

Mr. Bojo

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