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Subj: Avengers Undercover #2: Who's who?
Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 at 09:08:49 am CDT (Viewed 617 times)

Avengers Undercover 002

This issue was much more interesting for the tidbits of the 'status quo' dynamics with Bagalia and the so called Masters of Evil than the believability of the kids dynamics of suddenly bonding over the whole Arena incident last issue in cooperative efforts to save Bloodstone. The inappropriately befuddling title of the series - in what way should anyone think of anyone here as "AVENGERS"? Argh.

Also, REALLY offputting is the mocking of shared universe chronology with Madame Masque going all arch-villainess vs Kate Bishop -over in Hawkeye- and Hellstrom revealing he has avatar-dupes filling in for writers that ignore continuity - over in TBolts.

Still, the art was pretty good and the dialogue really tried to be. It will be fun to see who can cite all the villains that appear in the City In The Hole In The Ground too. And there were a couple fun moments...
-return of several ignored supervillains including Constrictor (and do readers know Excavator?)
-a surprisingly mature and well spoken Hazmat putting aside her distraught loss of Mettle to comfort Anachronism
-Bloodstone crossing paths with the lovely and luscious Lascivious and Letha
> [EDIT: Oops, that was Chase meeting the femininas]
-the promise of Arcade next issue (even though the method of arriving at his party was completely incomprendable in spite of it ooobviously being magic)
-"MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHOSE CLOTHES ARE WE WEARING?" \:D (and Nico saying it of all people)

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