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Whenever they show the Blue Marvel and Luke Cage together, Brashear is drawn taller. Brashear is listed at 6'4 and Cage is 6'6. This would be bad enough except at the back of issue #7 there's a height graph with all the members on it. It shows Cage around the 6'2 area and they have Adam right at the 6'6 line. She-Hulk is accurately shown at just above 6'6.So they didn't just show the Blue Marvel as taller than Cage, they've attempted to forcibly "shrink" Luke down to accommodate their take/opinion/story. This may be trivial to some but it irks the hell out of me. This particular issue may be about height, but it's happened before regarding other, more pertinent issues.

Anyone else feels the same?

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Jack Silver

Its hardly ever consistant and I would be surprised if writers or editors pick up on it unless its obviously noticeable. For example the Thing is supposedly 6ft which is actually shorter than Reed Richards and would make him amongst the shortest elite Marvel strongman yet apart from the Hulk do you ever see many other heroes tower over him?

Other examples where no one seems to notice the difference in characters heights was when you have the 5'9" Bucky replacing the 6'2" Steve Rogers as the new Captain America yet no one notice that he was far too short to pull it off? Same thing happened over at DC when tiny Dick Grayson replaced the far taller and far muscular Bruce Wayne as Batman and no one could tell it was a different guy because he was drawn exactly the same.

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...as I stated, they had a graph showing Cage at 6'2 and Brashear at 6'6. This wasn't artistic license.


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The Black Guardian


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Even if it's deliberate, it's artistic license. Everything about the depictions of these characters is artistic license.

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