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mine is dead avengers return to life by hood and they blame avengers for their demise dead avengers roll call Captain marvel, Stature, Teen Vision,Ares,Swordsman,Yellowjacket,Deathcry,Thunderstrike and Doctor Druid

what will be your story

Which Villain or villains do you use

what is your roster

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Reverend Meteor

    mine is dead avengers return to life by hood and they blame avengers for their demise dead avengers roll call Captain marvel, Stature, Teen Vision,Ares,Swordsman,Yellowjacket,Deathcry,Thunderstrike and Doctor Druid

    what will be your story

    Which Villain or villains do you use

    what is your roster

Baron Helmut Zemo
Sharon Ventura in her rocky Thing form
Living Lightning

Helmut gathers together the Limbo Avengers. If you've ever been ignored for over a decade by your team Helmut wants you on his team.

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TJ Burns

Mine is eerily similar to yours, actually. Dead Avengers called back from the grave with no discernible reason why, as the Avengers try to find out what has risen them... and why this is just phase one of a massive threat to the Earth. I'd use EVERY single Avenger before the metaplot is over... and most of the classic Avengers villains, since pretty much everyone that isn't actively Ultron would be a reasonable suspect as to who's responsible.


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Mr Bojo

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I believe this was done when the Grim Reaper resurrected Wonderman, Captain Marvel, Mockingbird, Hellcat, Doctor Druid and Thunderstrike. They blamed the Avengers too.

I believe Swordsman and Yellowjacket are alive, its no writer has done anything with them.

Ares can be revived anytime by Zeus, but for some reason has remained dead, except when he was brought back during the Chaos King.

Mine (among several) Havok (Uncanny), Spectrum (Mighty), Captain America (main team), Agent Hill (Secret), Hank Pym (A.I. if it still exists), Tigra (Academy) Maybe include Ironman, Captain Marvel (I think they are co leaders for the main team.) Cage (co leader of Mighty)Meet to exchange ideas, possible line up reshuffling, likes and dislikes. During the meeting a distress call, Hydra has broken into Rykers Island, Maria Hill being questioned about her methods is given the lead on the assignment so they can see first hand how she handles battle situations.

Mr. Bojo

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Kyle Bastian

My ideal teams:

East Coast Avengers: Captain America (leader), Hawkeye, Iron Man, Crystal, Hercules, Black Knight, Sersi, and Quicksilver
The East Coast Avengers fight east of the Mississippi and in outer space. Their first opponents are the Masters of Evil, which compromises Baron Zemo as the leader, Absorbing Man, Bi-Beast, Black Talon, Blackout, Brothers Grimm, Bulldozer, Carrion, Constrictor, Crossfire, Crusader, Diablo, Firebrand, Grey Gargoyle, Griffin, Hydro-Man, Killer Shrike, Lady Stilt-Man, Lascivious, Letha, Madcap, a new Melter, Mister Hyde, Piledriver, Pink Pearl, Princess Python, Ringer, Shocker, Squid, Tiger Shark, Titania, Thunderball, Vengeance, Whiplash, Whirlwind, and Wrecker

West Coast Avengers: Thor (leader), Wonder Man, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Spectrum, Starfox, Living Lightning, and Quasar
The West Coast Avengers fight west of the Mississippi, mostly in California. Their first opponents are the West Coast Masters of Evil, which compromises Crimson Cowl as leader, Bison, Black Mamba, Blackwing, Boomerang, Cyclone, Dragonfly, Eel, Flying Tiger, Gargantua, Gypsy Moth, Icemaster, Jackhammer, Klaw, Lodestone, Man-Ape, Man-Killer, Odball, Powderkeg, Puff Adder, Quicksand, Scorcher, Shatterfist, Shockwave, Slyde, Sunstroke, Supercharger, and Water Wizard

New Avengers: Ms. Marvel (leader), Mockingbird, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Iron Fist, Spider-Woman, Daredevil, Shang-Chi, Power Man, and White Tiger
The New Avengers will fight crime in inner city New York whenever the East Coast Avengers are not available.

Avengers International: Black Widow (leader), Captain Britain, Sunspot, Manifold, Sunfire, Sasquatch, American Eagle, Rictor, Siryn, Peregrine, Nightcrawler, Aguila, Vibraxis, Sabra, Arabian Knight, Timeslip, Collective Man, and new heroes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, and South Korea
Avengers International will be a UN-sanctioned team fighting crime around the world.

Defenders: Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Valkyrie, Nighthawk, Hellcat, Devil-Slayer, Falcon, Jack of Hearts, Stingray, Gargoyle, and She-Hulk
The Defenders are a team of Avengers allies who fight alongside the Avengers at times.

Those are my line-ups

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I would go totally different. Have it encompass every Avengers book out there. Have weird thing start happening missed communications, missing things, glitchy equipment. First they think it might be just gremlins or dues ex machina. Then the team believe it might be sabotage. Team members then start having livid dreams of former lost friends effecting their performance. The Avengers go missing, or not show up for meetings. So arrive late some disappear. The team in all the books begin to get paranoid. Not trusting gear nor their team mates. And just as thing get to their worst... The Sinister Masters attack. Green Goblin, Hydroman, Electro, Scorpion, The Wrecking Crew, Absorbing Man, Titania, Neferia, Madame Mask, Maelstrom and Doctor Demonicus. As the team starts to really and turns to Captain America, we see Steve Rogers morph into a Super powered up Chameleon. Aided by the spirit of Mysterio, who gave him the knowledge and know how to do the grand scheme. The Sinisters seeking revenge on on both Otto an Spidey Out him as Doc Ock. The Masters seeking revenge on the Avengers. Mysterio seeking Wiccan. Mysterio now residing in the underworld looks to get Wiccan soul to replace his in hell, as he lives on in Wiccan.

Bikini House Productions: Like EDM? Check out my releases.
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cadmiel nostromo

Avengers (main team)--- Vindicator (Heather Hudson), still on the run from Alpha Flight, seeks Logan in New York. Goes to the Avengers Tower, was met by Cap. Cap contacted the Flight, eventually both groups fought. Both teams parted ways, Vindicator and Marrina stayed. Meanwhile, Johnny Storm got fed up with Reed, Johnny left, Susan followed leaving Reed. Johnny and Sue asked for Cap's help. Cap still angry with Reed about the Illuminati incident, welcomed both Sue and Johhny. Team transferred to Avengers Island.
Roster: Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Wolverine, Moon Knight, Marrina and Vindicator.

New Avengers (cosmic team) --- Illuminati disbanded. Cap got a distress call from Agent Brand. The true Guardians of the Galaxy appeared at the SWORD hq. SWORD fought the space invaders hunted by the GotG . Formed an impromptu cosmic team. Brand suggested to Cap to create an Avengers team to handle cosmic crises. Somehow, Mar-vell was resurrected and becomes the leader. Team stayed in SWORD hq.
Roster: Mar-vell, Brand, Vance, Starhawk, Martinex, Charlie-27, Yondu, Nikki, Aleta, Beta Ray Bill, Firelord and Angela.

Mighty Avengers (edge team) --- Most members left. Hired by Silver Sable for a mission regarding Sandman and the resurrected Swordsman I. Luke asked for help from friends. Sandman was rehabilitated.
Roster: Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jewel, Spectrum, Falcon, Quicksilver, Silver Sable, Sandman, Two-Gun Kid, Black Cat, Nighthwak, Valkyrie, Atlas, Yellowjacket and Swordsman.

Secret Avengers (covert team) --- Still sanctioned by SHIELD with Cap's blessings. Maria Hill sent Fury Jr. and Coulson to arrest Frank Castle. Castle was instead captured by Bucky with Dazzler's help. Bucky turned over Castle to Cap. Hill convinced Cap to give Castle over to SHIELD. Cap agreed. Diamondback was sent on a mission to investigate sightings of a new Ronin. New Ronin turned out to be a rejuvenated Moira Brandon. Brandon joined SHIELD.
Roster: Maria Hill, Winter Soldier, Nick Fury Jr., Phil Coulson, The Punisher, Mockingbird, Dazzler, Diamondback, Songbird, War Machine (Abe Jenkins) and Ronin.

Uncanny Avengers (unity team) --- Havok and Wasp got married. Went for a membership drive. An apparition of The Whizzer appeared in the mansion, thinking Cap still lives there, asked for the Avengers' help to recover the original Miss America. Whizzer ran backwards to travel through time with the team but was instead diverted to Limbo by Belasco where Ms. America was held captive. Rescued Ms. America and some others.
Roster: Havok, Wasp, Sunfire, Gilgamesh, Thunderstrike, Lionheart, Banshee, Sage, Avalanche, Darkstar, Lifeguard, Slipstream and Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse).

Dark Avengers (dark team ?!?) --- Zemo, a prisoner in an undisclosed prison, was approached by Cap. Offered to release Zemo in exchange to become his agent as a spy in the super-villain underworld. Zemo accepted, assembled a team. Of course Zemo has his own agendas but Cap was monitoring him.
Roster: Baron Zemo, Moonstone, The Fixer, Ghost, Trickshot, Ragnarok, Yelena Bolova, Anti-Vision, the female Dr. Spectrum, Blizzard, Whirlwnd, Firebrand and Titania.

Young Avengers (teen team) --- Iron Lad traveled back in time again (hitchhiking form the space invaders hunted by the GotG). This time Stature and Vision (Jonas) were with him. The old gang got reunited. They had a meeting with Cap regarding their status. As the story developed, they were later awarded full memberships.
Roster --- Iron Lad, Patriot, Wiccan, Hulkling, Speed, Stature, Kate Bishop, teen Vision, White Tiger, Power Man, Thunderstrike II, X-23, Jolt, former students from the Avengers Academy and some members of the Initiative.

West Coast Avengers (science team) --- Pym was assigned by Cap to investigate the space/time disturbance caused by the space invaders. Asking for help from previous members, they were transported through space and time. They finally got back where they were greeted by a new batch of students at the Academy with Jim Hammond as the new headmaster along with Machine Man and Jocasta.
Roster: Hank Pym, Agent 13, Tigra, Iron Patriot, Machine Man, Jocasta, Vision, Jim Hammond, She-Hulk, Stingray, Madison Jeffries, Black Knight, Amadeus Cho, Rick Jones, Monica Chang and Doombot.

Extreme Avengers (international team) --- Stark, left alone at the Avengers Tower after the Illuminati incident, founds out that the essence of Teen Tony escaped from his persona. Teen Tony, still disoriented from his release, acquired one of Tony's armor and set off around the globe. Tony contacted friends from Force Works to search for Teen Tony. They also recruited former members of the 90's Avengers.
Roster: Iron Man, Rescue, USAgent, Crystal, Madame Web, Cybermancer, Century, Moonraker, Swordsman II, Magdalene, Masque, Citizen V, Living Lightning, Red She-Hulk, Hyperion, Quasar, Shroud, Ka-zar, Shanna and Deathlok.

Astonishing Avengers (supernatural team)--- Dr. Strange was approached by Loki to retrieve some ancient relics from Belasco. Loki prepared a list of people to assist them for some specific tasks. When Belasco's attention was diverted due to Havok's Avengers situation, they were able to retrieve the relics.
Roster: Dr. Strange, Loki, Adam Warlock, Clea, Blade, Victoria Hand, Ghost Rider, Morbius, Juggernaut, Satanna, Jack Russell, Warrior Woman, Killraven, Andromeda and Sebastian Druid.

...and The Amazing Great Lakes Avengers --- The team received a call from Cap asking them to investigate some illegal diggings in New Mexico. Overwhelmed, they rushed to the site to find out that it was the site where the Atari gaming company buried their hugely flopped E.T. game cartridges and other games. They immediately evacuated the area (as an official Avengers sanctioned team, or so they believed) to require the buried materials. Turns out that Cap was an avid collector of lost Atari games and he cannot find the time to go to New Mexico. When they reported back to Cap, they were given Avengers associate status for their enthusiasm and determination (with fingers crossed). Cap also informed them that they already have new members for the team waiting at their hq (also with fingers crossed).
Roster: D-Man (supervisor), Mr. Immortal, Big Bertha, Doorman, Flat Man, Dinah Soar, Squirrel Girl, Grasshopper, Lady Stilt-Man, Gargantua, Flexo the Rubber Man and Dakor the Magician (recently seen from the FF series).


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Marshall Bravestar

New Avengers:

Hank Pym, Komodo, Batwing, Gravity, Cannonball, Smasher and Victor Mancha. Guests of the Queen of Wakanda, Pym leads the next generation of Avengers in tackling humanitarian crises exacerbated by a villain from Pym's past...Doctor Elias Starr the Egghead.


Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wasp and Hawkeye head up Earth's Mightiest Heroes until a visit from Nova Richard Ryder thrusts them in the role of the Galaxy's Mightiest when the Grandmaster manipulates the Lost Heralds of Galactus in a plot to set of a hypernova that can kill several civilizations, including Earth.

Avengers Assemble:

Once an Avenger...! Membership has its privileges, and Tony Stark's new Assembler Alert and Transporation System teams up fellow Avengers with members in need.

Secret Avengers

Mockingbird, Black Widow, Monica Rambeau, Forgotten One, Constrictor and Taskmaster go undercover as villains to disrupt the growth of a reviving Hydra.

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Tate Walters

Whenever I have down time, which isn't often, I've been creating a "What if" story that leads a remaining group of heroes and villains after the world has been conquered by alien forces.

One of my favorite aspects of "What if" is that anything can happen. You can do the unpredictable.

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