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Subj: Starbrand and Nightmask #2: Arrrgh again...
Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 at 10:34:13 am EST (Viewed 333 times)

Starbrand and Nightmask 002

ARGH!!! Hated it. This was exhausting to get thru - maybe moreso that NA5 which at least had likable heroes in it. Sooo many disagreeable and/or problematic directions and concepts presented. Starbrand's powerset makeup continues to be upgraded to off the chart ridiculous levels. And the art was not inviting either.

This had a nice cover like NA5 but a whole different set of basically bothersome bullet points...

• Jameson, Parker, Stacy, Osborn... namedrop much?

• Has it been addressed how Starbrands much higher 'killcount' has earned him so much less public ire than Speedball got? SHIELD's looking the other way for 8 months is very questionable too.

• Nightmask is the PDM? NM VS POD? Hmmm... http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?msg=comicbattles-2016012113373745

• Are we to guess at "Celestial Awareness" compared to "Cosmic Awareness"?

• So, Kev slipped up and let a "little" of Nitro's explosion thru - just to give readers the drama of the visual of Kong being thrown back on his non-bruised butt? Otherwise, the schooling challenged kid's feat was mindboggling - and mindbreaking for at least 1 reader to process. [And yet he can't teleport?!] Teleporting makes little sense in hindsight given how he could have done the amber encasement here.

• The mystery of the big boss on the roof better be worth the wait not to mention believable.

• Was the SUPERFLOW first introduced last time in The Ultimates or does the term have backissue precidence? Marvel must be pushing the concept, eh? How would it differ from Wiccan's space warp travel - or just it's more synonym crafting? Hmmm, is Manifold going to be throwaway obsolete already? For a perceived 'nul space' showing an super ocean of flowing waves seemed so silly.

• nb. Precident that their travels to anywhere on Earth will take a fraction of a second. And no puking cost it seems. [Sorry again, Kong's butt. ;\) ]

• Graviton less effective at North Pole? HUH??!! Blizzard not effective at North Pole? HUH??!! Science hogwash, right?!

• The possessed trio's babbling got more annoying than clue helpful.

• So, this new Punisher -or is it Mr.Ammoral- attitude is obviously the main development. Makes you question his worthiness score on the Avengers Psyche Admission Tests. Can public ire and SHIELD intervention be far? Should it be?! NM isn't at all impressive as Jiminy Cricket to SB's Pinnochio yet. Neither are likable at all as heroes ATM because the story is trying to make them to unevenly relatable as bumbling students.

• Do we know if Adam Blackveil has Ex Nihilo genes or was he 100% test tube baby moon-plant?

• FIRST White Event Vs. LAST White Event? Is this sloppily implying that Incursion was a White Event (regardless how the Last Days "Incursion" was perceived in our new FrankOwen remade reality)? Is this new tweaking to interpretation of Hickman's grand homage to the New Universe? Marvel must be pushing THIS concept! Yuk and sigh.

• Also, Marvel is pushing the Wally West metabolism that must be fed burgers concept. Too unbelievable at this point in Kev's life for my taste. It seems to be there to try'n cash in on some easy comedy relief only.

• nb. Sooo, Kree has a new post-BlackVortex(unfootnoted) homeworld(named after a shunned Pama people), a new capital(copied after the previous planet to confuse mattere) and their own White Event results and Mar-Sohn(Marvel Son?) origin. Bah.

• Kelly is so busted. Trying to feign a platonic question while she's inappropriately pawing his bicep.

• Oh oh... now Kev needs Clark Kent glasses? There goes SHIELD's chances of ID-ing him. ;\) If any of them survived after that cliffhanger. \:O

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Starbrand and Nightmask 002 (2016)

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