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Uncanny Avengers 005

Another sad installment for Unity Squad - that some of the people call "Avengers" some of the time.

Nice cover but it makes this feel like the "Old X-Home Week" title more and more.

Lame Easter Egg guest list. Clearly the artist/writer implies that all Handbook Supervillains are there. But any inconsistencies (which feels offputtingly standard when Bagalia is involved) can be No-Prized away as them being merely lookalikes. Only Grey Gargoyle is named and he should be - hmmm, remind me what happened to him after Fear Itself? Does anyone care to list the names as they aren't on wikia yet? The most bothersome one is seeing Farouk and Egghead out and about - and alive.

Sidebar: What should be the current Baron Zemo/Red Skull dynamics?

"Honest John"? Do we know this guy from Cap back issues? He snitches in a weak between panels gag. Also, the art was overall good but, boy, on his page (and maybe others) Human Torch looks almost like Flatman.

Sooo, Rogers is back to his old international black ops ways defying U.N. laws as he sees fit.

"BAGEL-IA"? Really? That is the last way it to think to pronounce with inflection.

Lame plot device to keep Cable "on the team". Confusing Stryfe (ugh, Stryfe) priority chronology with Cable dealing with Inhuman opening arc first. Then he goes and does what he wants anyways in spite of Rogue or Rogers orders. First he tries to time-skidaddle in the middle of an op - then he is stuck here and he bails anyways. Horrible character.

Throwaw-A.I. Belle gets 2 panels but Pietro, Synapse, and Voodoo get 0. Yeah, that's NOT right.

Deadpool is not funny here. Deadpool is not supposed to be a hotwire/hacker guy especially when there's action fighting to be done. Deadpool says he will "prep the jet" but they came in a copter, no? Plus, it sounds like coordinating with SHIELD instead of Rogue or Rogers. Bah.

Rogue's comment about Deadpool to be the one to do the brain removal is just NOT right.

Johnny's comment about breaking into a bank being fun is just NOT right.

It embarrassing how QUICKLY, if not easily, the two fell for the holoscam. It's POSSIBLE that Rogue didn't really fall for it based on her look and comeback line but it was still a shoddy black ops execution.

Sigh, we're back to the eternal cliche Rogers/Schmitt yin/yang thing [sarcasm]'cuz it worked so well[/sarcasm] with the previous Unity Squad. Steve's last panel look and planning brought no enticement for next ish. Speaking of which, who is that on the cover?


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