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Subj: Illuminati #4...
Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 at 11:16:06 am EST (Viewed 408 times)

Wow. Could NOT find an online review to this, yet, using the standard quick searchwords combos, only saw this one:

This does NOT seem like a good sign for the reception of this book...

Illuminati 004 (2016)

And rightly so?

Cover: Perfect.

Footnote to Thor#5: Reader friendly gesture. [It should have noted it was last volume http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Thor_Vol_4_5]

Titania: The whole ish is about her 'rematch' with Lady Thor. It was... alright even though Marvel was clearly reinforcing the fact Titania has another Stalemate Equal besides She-Hulk. And is this the 1st time Marvel has allowed Skeeter a Hulk's Distance Leap showing - 'cuz that was felt a bit forced to keep their battle on the roof to keep her with the team easypeasy.

Mad Thinker: The beard, the irratability - his regressive characterization just felt awkwardly offputting. But we have to give kudos to him for thinking of a way of stealing the entire Asgardian secret armory.

Black Ant: It would be a good thing if this turned to be just an android approximation of the original and if this copy really does explode to destroyed means destroyed status. His simple Pym Particle shrinking of the entire Asgardian Magical Armory was TOO simple. Clearly the plot point but tooo, tooo simple.

Enchantress: WOW. They are really pushing the likelihood that this is really Amora. No reason for the 'new look' but then again everyone on the book is made over. Is the Loki/Enchantress/Malekith arc/dealings in the current volume of Thor http://www.comicboards.com/php/show.php?rpy=thor-2015121618444255 before or after this - of course Marvel cant/wont tell us while it would spoil the other story arc but, wow, is it distracting/detracting.

Thunderball: Useless waste of time this chapter.

The Hood: Still a putz; which is fine as a character flaw but this is another incarnation that still hasn't grabbed me as entertaining as he was in his introductory mini. Keeping that codename -at this point- feels too annoyingly generic/illogical for Marvel Marketing/Trademark purposes only. His whole 'The Illuminati is his dysfunctional family' thing on the RecapPage just makes him look dumb - especially in light of Mad Thinker's quick doublecross. Robbins' team up with Enchantress against Roxxon's fodder patrol was silly shootout too: the team had to get thru a piddly little security door (instead of porting right in); Titania surgically managed to 'Hulk Smash' ONLY the roof and open the wall and hardly stun the fodder (enough for some of the team to sneak past while this team up take care of the security forces all huddled together); Parker using his piddly pistols (instead of a true Encantress spell showing)... meh. Maybe if we had gotten more exposition on his endgame it would have helped the reception of this.


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