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Subj: Illuminati #6: Not much to absorb here...
Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 at 04:19:18 pm EDT (Viewed 274 times)

Pleasant Hill 11...

Illuminati 006

This was a far too belated, though well done, spotlight on one of the 'inmates' of Pleasant Hill: Absorbing Man. As bittersweet as the Day In The Life of This Random Prisoner was, at this point: who cares to read ~15 pages of it now that readers are more into the current jailbreak scenario happening. For good or bad, there were absolutely No Spoilers -or teases- in one mere flashback panel implying that Pleasant Hill will be shut down after The Avengers big battle. Now, the reveal of Creel's 'new girl' he's smitten with being ELEKTRA was, like 100 times, more interesting than the pint-sized surprise reveal of WHIRLWIND. The clever wordplay "THAT'S A LOT TO ABSORB" was notable but also ironic given this issue really offered very little intrigue with Hood's poorly named mere "smash and grab" team. And okay, there was some drama and development with Creel: his untapped love story in PH, his fear of committing to fight vs Thor-jane, his extreme and obsessive desire for revenge on SHIELD because of the whole mind rape thing, and of course the pivotally pending parting by Titania (who had a few decent scenes with him and thankfully was in the story, along with Hood, to total at least 2 title members featured in the issue).

Great cover.

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