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Subj: ANAD Avengers #8: Pleasant Hill 13...
Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 at 11:02:21 pm EDT (Viewed 405 times)

All-New, All-Different Avengers 008

Sorry, this'll probably be a messy review. It was hard to gather my thoughts quickly and compactly for this one. But here goes...

Pretty good symbolic cover (given that actually Kobik just made their costumes vanish) but WHY BOTHER add those couple masks of heroes not even involved with Pleasant Hill? Bah.

Begrudingly acceptable, the easy-lazy and open-ended No-Prize solution for any visual mistakes or continuity placement errors with any supervillain character from 2 months after Incursion right up to Pleasant Hill is: KOBIK. Her power control is not perfect - so she can be blamed for those SNAFU's and inconsistencies - especially for story elements that the Bullpen has mucked up since Secret Wars. Having given Marvel a defense, that first image of fallen Vision is so frustrating. Some believe he is more wires and mechanics and others think he is more synthetic-tissue but the point is there is some working balance of the two and this gutted panel image of him makes him look only machine parts.

The "15 MINUTES FROM NOW" timestamp on the second page was done SO CLUMSY for the transition from the prologue since the first page should have included "16 MINUTES FROM NOW" to have sequential clarity to reading the prologue. What also makes it SLOPPY is how poorly it synchs up with the actual (UNDERWHELMING) big fight that plays out to get here.

Hmm... Is Pleasant Hill a fair reason why there was no need for a (notable) Avengers presence during the 8 MONTH GAP? Afterall, almost any serial troublemaking Handbook supervillain can be retroactively placed in this prison for the 6 months it was operating. Quite a few more random enemies are thrown into the big fight here to add to the list of villains involved.
It felt a tad annoyingly inconsistent to see Creel involved when the crossover ish before he ran from the fight. Other than that it was a sorta sad showing by the ANAD and Unity Avengers.

In lieu of featuring any of the ANAD team members in their own team book ('cuz that makes so much sense - NOT) we do get some Uncanny Avengers moments:
• Pietro with a good speed showing by Pietro
• Synapse setting a precident now offering psi-linked conversations with her teammates
• And most notably Deadpool being the crazy man to talk sense into Kobik Girl

The mystery of 2 Maria Hills revealed as supervillain accomplices to the madly misguided/mismanaged Maria Hill. Very clumsy strategy that, to her credit, has somehow worked for some time now.

It's not clear here, but remind me: Fixer and Zemo found a way to circumvent Kobik's control and slowly and secretly restore most of the inmates. Then, they somehow uncover and attack our incognito and unarmed heroes with drawing brutal first blood. Just because? Somehow the stage changes from farmsite to main street (from the prologue) and then Kobik predictably revives and restores all the Avengers and their toys so that another mindless rematch ensues (same as prologue) to be continued next issue. A crappy clunky calamity all 'round.    

In the end, a very JARRING segue to a rejuvinated Steve Rogers popping up on the last page - as if part of a plan. Even having previously read the Cap crossover this was a displeasingly abrupt coming together moment. Bah.

What did you all make of this one?

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