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Subj: Squadron Supreme #6: PBP...
Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 at 10:37:12 pm EDT (Viewed 423 times)

Squadron Supreme 006 (2016)

Page By Page quick comments to compare if you read it...

Cover. Awesome.

Recap. Spacewaste.

1-3. Three pages of dream is sometimes wasteful. Three pages of recapping a recent backissue is sometimes wasteful. But the combination of the two works good here - it promises an improvement in the art, helps de-demonize "Terrigen Terrorist" and "Cabal Killer" Black Bolt a welcome smidge, brings some layers to Doctor Spectrum, and it incorporates a free title page in an innovative double spread blast.

Very discouraging title saying this is start of a 3 issues of a Doctor Spectrum story. But on the plus side - it didn't really feel like it by the end.

4-6. Just ocean floor scenery is somewhat wasteful. But DS's narrative is pretty good. Layers. Going to infer she meant BB was charging herPower Gem on page 3. Have to assume the Nothing's Changed Makeover by Owen/Franklin/Reed has more than Earth-1610 as the exception.

7. Vague origin snippet for Doc. But still another layer.

8-9. Neat to see Atlantean society followup, post-Namor, followup and DS's opinion of them. Good to see a power showing of her team buster potential. Nice to get a sympathetic moment when she spares the kid. Layers.

10-11. Two pages of untold adventures. Lots of storyseed content!: Mystery alien alliance agenda. The team 'kill or be killed' justice M.O. The ANAD Maggia is back! All the Dire Wraiths were not banished by ROM. Badoon on Earth under SWORD and AFSS noses. ROXXON gets more deserved props outside Thor's title. Unspoken duel for leadership of the team.

12-13. Nighthawk Vs Nighthawk! Oh, this'll be good! Especially if it's half as grabber as the next issue cover.

14. Speaking of alt-versions and probably asked this twice already but: remind me if this team Hyperion, star of his own new title shown in a crossover panel here, is the exact same one that was on Hickman's team?

15. Sooo, Thundra can come and go as she pleases to Weirdworld? But as problematic as that is we get the long overdue breakup conversation with Arkon and her that it didn't look like we were going to get last ish. And it feels very spot on believable with them both.

16-17. Intriguing undersea base for alien invaders.

18-19. Toro! Neat followup on his Invaders storyline. Sooo, somehow he infiltrated. He prooobably didn't kill the crew. He doesn't trust aliens but apparently is fine with superhuman strangers. He will divulge his secret mission at the drop of a dime. He has untold plans to transport MANY recovered Terrigen Cocoons. He is already in Medusa's best graces. A lot to... process but lots of fun content.

20. BLACK BOLT! WOW! Nice entrance! Clever misdirect that the only prologue was his reason for his cover shot. Love this page and the glow of his 'new' suit. Sooo, he's taking a break from his Quiet Room retirement and teaming up with his estranged wife? Huh. Layers? It will be interesting if he re-addresses the T-Bomb mess he caused with his actions next issue http://uploads.ru/DCv01.jpg.

Very good issue!

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