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Why is The Vision colored white? Up to issue #3 so far.

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It is the result of an Avengers West Coast storyline. He was captured and disassembled. When they reassembled him his body was white (and his personality had been erased). Many years later he gained a new body, with his original (or close to original) colours.

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    Why is The Vision colored white? Up to issue #3 so far.

The Vision was disassembled by a group called Vigilance that was led by a man named Cameron Brock who wanted to prevent him from taking over the worlds computers again. When he was reassembled he was white and lacked emotions but had access to his memories.

This was eventually revealed to be part of a larger plot of Immortus's to destabilize the Scarlet Witch's personal life and use her nexus energy to make him ruler of the multiverse or some such nonsense...other aspects of which were revealing that her children were actually pieces of Mephisto's soul and them being erased, Vision being revealed to not be Jim Hammond, being mind controlled by That Which Endures and Set and having a nervous breakdown where she went evil and worked with Magneto and Quicksilver (who wasn't evil at the time). Subsequent retcons by Busiek in Avengers Forever make Immortus's plans even more convoluted.

Personally I think Byrne was trying to write Data from TNG. Milk colored emotionless android pondering the mysteries of the human condition and all that. Which is great and all but Vision had been a little different than that. He struggled to fit in with humanity but he had emotions, built a family. By giving Vision emotions at the very start his journey was a little different than most fictional androids.

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Though the Immortus connection can not be denied, remember Hank stated that he had issues with synthizing Vision's tissue. Pym once gave Jocasta human skin when he was the Wasp years later. SO the question is: 1- do you think Pym was able to recreate the skin but Immortus prevented it, or 2- Pym learned later on

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Pym was riding high at that point, all Scientist Supreme and whatnot.

Hmm... maybe Loki was part of that.

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