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Subj: Nova #8...
Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 at 11:35:00 am EDT (Viewed 295 times)

Nova 008 (2016)

A nice cover but utterly meaningless. It is not canon but does beg the questions: 1. How many satellites does Stark have? 2. Is that the AFSS? 3. Will Marvel commit anytime soon and confirm that SWORD is disbanded/defunct/deader than a doornail?

Uuuuuuuuh what happened to the conclusion last issue where Nova turns down the Avengers help to join him on his (repetitive) personal quest to find his dad? It will be really annoying if it's the same one going on in Avengers but not footnoted anywhere that he changed his mind.

The repetitiveness of the different POV with the concurrent action in CW#1 is balanced by some engaging imagery. Will anyone be industrious (to bother) to figure if the play by play sequencing with all the players in all the crossover POV's actually works?

Spidey's line about "THE CERTAIN DEATH" was funny. Nova's "VERY NOT GOOD" line was, well, not very good.

Who is saying "STAY CLOSE CHILDREN"? Piotr Rasputin not bothering to Organic steel up? Maybe it's artistic license? Can anyone confirm if this is before or after Apocalypse Wars (and Colossus trapped in the future)?

Nova's aftermath scene with Real-Cap was nice.

What issue did The Thing (&GotG?) arrive on the scene?

Did Marvel actually commit and show Fake-Thor beat She-Hulk at arm wrestling??!!

Did the colorist miss the memo on Rogue's hair color? Did the artist try to draw Kitty by mistake? Did the writer really feel that Rogue would not know who is on Tony's ANAD Avengers???!!! It felt kinda insulting she gave Sam the bum's rush - but maybe that was the story point made later on. It was clear that Nova was being kept out of the loop but that was the whole 'bit' for too many pages.

Who is the guy with the white stripe over his ears? http://tinypic.com/r/339u6pe/9

Sam's mom is (still) nice. She has some nice lines and arguments. It'd be nice if Sam gave up Avengers for her, for now, but it likes ain't gonna happen.

Iron Man/Tony Stark scores with more facetime in this title. Sam obviously "bows to him". Guess we know who he will side with.

Okay. When the story switched to ONE, TWO, and THREE WEEK LATER time stamped panels - gotta say - it made me scream in my mind a little bit. Sure, it's any easy No-Prize juncture to slip any chronology inconsistencies but it would be more fan friendly to actually give readers more footnotes in this ANAD Age! It's bad enough trying to place characters during the last 8 MONTHS with almost no info after the post-SW relaunches. For example, the Iron Man inavailibility can't be his current arc in China 'cuz Rhodey is alive in that. So, that means it confuses Shellhead's chronology that much more too. SHEESH.

So. The heroes have been basically snubbing Nova for over 3 weeks in his opinion? It sounds a bit unfair regardless of Nova's experience/clearance level. Probably even more unfair if there are weekly? biweekly? monthly? team meetings. This the pacing in this issue is terrible.

Seriously, when did Tony get/buy his STARK TOWER back? Saying "sometime after Kang's defeat" is just too lazy an answer.

Next issue: Mole Monster! Okay, that looks post-CWII (huh, that was very little milking it). It should be interesting to catch up with Moley's son and see who (hopefully including Avengers) will be helping Nova out since he is toast if he goes it alone.

All the art is nice.

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