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How would YOU rate TIGRA -as an Avenger- on a scale of 10?

OPTIONAL conversation starter questions:

How much does having a litter cramp her sex appeal as a in demand character now?

How unaesthetic is her current costumed (all over) look?

What was your favorite Tigra issue? (Maybe it was one of these...)



Previous Ratings:

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5. She was a bad Avenger. But the Avengers who are good team players are usually the boring Avengers. And she wasn't so bad that she was Mantis or any of the more loser like Avengers.

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I give her a 4 out 10, started off as a real disappointment and never had a smooth transition to the big leagues. Her best days were at Camp Hammond, sadly I think her thing with Hank Pym was the Skrull Pym. And don't get me started on the Red Hood BS. (curse you yet again Mr. Bendis)

Ya, poor Tigra could never catch a break.....4 1/2 for her troubles.

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I really want to agree with Tiamat, but I find myself thinking more like Reverend. I wouldn't give her more than a 6.

Yes, she's a fun character to have around and has proven herself, but she's never been a really good member (mediocre) and hasn't been around very much (especially since the 90s).

And of course "cat girl" might earn a full point from me. Marvel really doesn't have enough of them (bonafide), imo.

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