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Subj: Infinity Countdown #5: 0-Day...
Posted: Fri Jul 20, 2018 at 07:32:23 pm EDT (Viewed 521 times)

Infinity Countdown 005 [of 5]
For those of you who don't mind my quick replies to fourchan copypasta in lieu of a formal review...


    Infinity Countdown #5 Storytime Norrin Radical 07/18/18(Wed)10:02:57 No.101761040 Archived
    It all comes down to this:

    Requiem is coming

Infinity Countdown - Darkhawk #4 was such a unappealing/disappointing conclusion, after such a promising lead up, so didn't even bother posting about it. This conclusion on the other hand kept consistent with it's lead up - mediocre and arbitrary.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:15:09 No.101761205
    Dear lord, this art is an eyesore

Thor and Hulk books this week are much worse than it. Heck, it's even main reason for ths post with the newest banner submission. ;\)


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:17:11 No.101761243

    I can't tell if the floating squares surrounding the text at the top of the pages are meant to be stylistic, or if they're an error.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:22:53 No.101761320

    Hank is not allowed any victory ever, is he?

Well, he did get a Standard Not-in-his-right-mind Loophole/Get Out of Jail Free Card for all the atrocities that Pymtron caused. So, apparently (and arbitrarily) his good human soul has been trapped in the Soul Gem all along.


    Norrin Radical 07/18/18(Wed)10:23:24 No.101761328

    File: Infinity Countdown (2018-(...).jpg (1.64 MB, 1988x3056)
    1.64 MB

    The End Begins, in Infinity Wars Prime.

    Thanks for reading. Support your local comic shop.

Infinity Wars Prime (2018) #1
What the heck is Loki doing on the cover?! He survives Celestials and Realms War and is back already?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:28:14 No.101761403

    >Gamora punches Quill.
    For &^%$ing once. I beg you.

    This simply can't be. When is Peter gonna stop being the stupid punch bag.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:56:42 No.101761754
    >Pym about to be eaten alive.
    Oh Hank, one day this suffering will end.
    assuming it hasn't already ended


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)10:58:44 No.101761783

    I hate Alonso for stretching out this and crapping all over Duggans GotG book

    Hopefully after IWs, he takes a DC or indie gig


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:01:22 No.101761820

    >Strange sends Black Widow away then pages later Calls her again

    I expect this crap from Bendis, not from supposedly one of the best writers at Marvel right now


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:06:54 No.101761886

    >Ry Phoenix




    Recommend me Marvel Comics !MARA.QPFVA 07/18/18(Wed)11:27:16 No.101762217?

    Man, this was &^%$ing god awful.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:29:54 No.101762277

    File: 1524106740120.png (53 KB, 412x393)
    53 KB

    Did they just kill Hank Pym? Because i'm to dumb to figure it out

You probably can't die in Soulworld, right?


    Recommend me Marvel Comics !MARA.QPFVA 07/18/18(Wed)11:32:22 No.101762324

    >Sound effect of Pym being crunched
    They did kill Pym.
    To be brought back in part 2.



    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:44:11 No.101762584

    Oh...so did they actually kill Hank?

Not 'til you see the body. And maybe not even then.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:51:00 No.101762739

    All I ask from this is that Turk gets the Infinity Gauntlet. If even a short time, while Daredevil looks on in disgust and Rage, that &^%$ing Turk gets unlimited power


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)11:54:00 No.101762803

    um... did Quill just steal Drax's stone off-panel?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:17:20 No.101763297


    why does one man (Pym) suffer so *** damn much?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:22:12 No.101763392

    Wait, didn’t the SuperSkrull had the green one?

Doc yoinked it in his series.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:23:14 No.101763407

    No Quill didn't steal Stone, Robbie Rider told him how to make the power stone tiny again and he took it during a Nova/Chitauri/Raptors battle
    So it was on-panel and he really didn't steal it since he was the one to give it to Drax in the first place


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:24:56 No.101763441

    >Gamora leaves Quill
    What the hell do you expect them to do? Just forget about it entirely?

    Gamora still cares about Rich a lot, and the fact is that Peter came out of the cancerverse and Rich did not.

She had apparently already come to terms with this for many adventures since.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:28:02 No.101763493

    the focus is finally back on earth

And how convenient it is that all the arbitrary Stone Bearers are born on Earth.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:31:09 No.101763554

    So I haven't actually paid any attention to this since Wolverine came back to life and took the blue gem, how much have I missed? Also what ever became of the celestial that Starbrand and Ghost Rider found? Something about a prophecy regarding the present versions of the prehistoric Avengers?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:35:37 No.101763642

    None of it factors in here. All those story threads are in Aaron's Avengers.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:38:48 No.101763709

    Wow, all that Wolverine hype about his return for nothing? &^%$ Marvel, this $#!& is &^%$#@ed.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:39:28 No.101763721

    That was funny. Sniktbub is back and he got used as a publicity stunt that lasted 2 pages in 2 different books and meant nothing. Marvel has gotta Marvel I guess.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:44:42 No.101763831?

    >Old Woman Gamora
    >after Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye

    I dunno why, but these make me chuckle heartily.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)12:59:55 No.101764145

    With all the suffering he had recently, I don't think even Blackagar can ever catch up to Hank in the suffering scale.

    Also, what's with people on CW-era clothes minus Carol.

Hank had to believe his hallucination.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:02:02 No.101764183

    He said Widow should hold the stone, but maybe he found out about Requiem in the meanwhile and called her back.

    Now THIS is a badly drawn Thanos.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:04:58 No.101764234

    Turk's the only one of the bunch who can't go off-planet on his own, and he didn't want two stone holders together on their own since they have more chances of survival by being together the six. But this is probably overthinking.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:06:01 No.101764248
    The Logan return is being handled in Hunt for Wolverine. I dunno how it is since I don't read it.

Which is a mixed bag Event and NOT even really about Present Day Wolverine so far. Sigh.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:08:42 No.101764310
    I hoped for a space opera, but it seems we are getting the same old marvel crossover.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:13:02 No.101764404

    This is the Doctor I know. Screw that hacky no magic plotline.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:14:43 No.101764440

    I don't like this book. It doesn't have the realism and groundedness expected from a Marvel comic book


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)13:24:45 No.101764672

    Eh? Everyone is wearing what they were wearing the last time Pym was "alive" except for Wolverine (who was dead at the time) and Reed (who was presumed dead at the time.) Oh, and Thor. Thor would have been unworthy last time Pym saw him.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)14:20:11 No.101765637

    Last Days of Magic is getting ignored even by Aaron itself, he just really wanted to use his blue design for Strange in his Avengers book
    And Waid put Strange on his feet after his first issue (with a literal training montage)
    Let's hope the depowered Strange is a thing of the past now.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)14:20:41 No.101765643

    man duggan can't write adam warlock or kang or a lot of characters really.

Them 2 vs 4 GotG was a very unsatisfying skirmish. On the plus side it didn't end up in a cliche team-up.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)14:32:35 No.101765846

    Hank Pym: SCIENCE his way out of the Soul Gem


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)14:44:53 No.101766023

    >Prologue Page
    Somebody killed Freddy Freaker

What a waste of a running prologue set up that was! The six issues of empty script and good art could have been equally been as dramatically teaseworthy in one issue. All we got was a mystery patron (who turns out to look female in shadows - and is probably on cover of IW#1) has Noahnaim Snotemportant the Dwarf to forge a weapon (that turns out to be a mystery purposed sword) and not only stiffs him of his fee but turns him into a stiff (that is probably just to keep things a mystery rather than excite readers with real info).


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)15:39:43 No.101766882
    the Soul Stone has always been wonky as hell, outside of the realm of Death and Oblivion. Wouldn't be farfetched to have him come back later just crazier


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)16:06:28 No.101767379

    By the looks of it, Soulworld became Dystopia. More like a very dull version of Hell where there's no eternal suffering but nothing changes and everything they do is pointless, so people who go in there end up hollow and hopeless.

So, like Niflheim and Valhalla. \:\)


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)16:18:34 No.101767608

    Why does Warlock look like a White Black Adam now


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)16:33:44 No.101767865

    I find it hilarious that Gamora and Quill have been having a beef about Rich for awhile now and Rich is pretty oblivious about it.

Plus they know he's just fine now.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)16:37:30 No.101767925

    Wow what a bitch. Pym’s new to this area and has been been suffering for quite a while now and he tries things in a way that would make him comfortable and Old Gamora just leaves him to his fate? Jeez, that bitch needs to stay trapped in there if that’s how she runs

That was cold but that's probably that piece of her soul.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)16:47:50 No.101768108

    love triangles are often like that


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)18:20:29 No.101769650

    I think Ry Phoenix supposed to just be a random name he throws out. Just to imply he's got a lot of connections.

Really?! Really dumb.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)18:27:21 No.101769762

    Unlike Bendis, Duggan actually cares about continuity more than changing every character to suit his desire.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)18:57:40 No.101770235
    This is Countdown done right.
    Not a single bad idea in this thing


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:02:26 No.101770308

    >All Nova Corps but Rich and Sam only get a tiny bit of Nova Force.

    1 bad idea. It's still Marvel's best crossover event in a long time. Even if it is on a small scale.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:03:48 No.101770323
    And reverting Lifebringer was a bad idea


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:18:14 No.101770535

    >reverting Lifebringer
    I don't really mind that, but I also don't think Galactus should change. He should be unmoving, unfeeling, and needs to get rid of planets as more are created.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:31:34 No.101770755

    >...bad ideas...
    >Ruining Lifebringer
    >Involving Earth for some reason
    >and from there, involving Black Widow, the least cosmic character ever, for some reason
    >Making Pymtron job before the main event
    >Pregnant Nova
    >Rushing the Gardener story only to have the Guardians do nothing for the rest of the pre-event.
    >Ant-Man on the Guardians doing absolutely nothing
    and that's just from the main book.

Thankfully the Ant-Man bad idea has been corrected!


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:33:07 No.101770781

    I was/am a huge booster of Duggan's Cosmic stuff but I am massively hurt he ruined Lifebringer.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)19:35:56 No.101770839

    don't forget offing magus in the prequel was a bad idea.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)20:41:56 No.101772070

    what does the note say? i can't read that


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)20:47:41 No.101772183
    Picked up a
    Magic rock
    Long story
    I think someone
    is listening
    through it.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)20:57:08 No.101772378
    >last page with Thanos

    Yup - and this is where I get of Mr. Duggans ride. Infinity Noun #45 featuring Thanos. Enjoyable run until editorial ruined it with perpetuating Infinity events.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:00:27 No.101772460
    I'm holding out that Thanos isn't gonna be the big bad of it.


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:04:16 No.101772537
    It's an event made to cash in on Avengers 3 and 4. WTF makes you think Thanos won't be the main villain?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:05:19 No.101772561

    It's gonna be written by Cates (Thanos Legacy), so I really question its quality. But Infinity Wars' big baddie is actually Requiem, not Thanos, and it's not going to be similar to Infinity Gauntlet or War, according to some other creators who have read the thing.

Who the heck is Requiem? (Probably the mystery sword weilder?)


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:15:45 No.101772792
    i suppose duggan did what he could with this, is clear this whole shebang was butchered by the editorial


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:18:37 No.101772846

    It's an event that leads into another event.
    It always felt unnecessary

Like ?


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:37:52 No.101773243

    >bait wolverine
    use widow instead
    >bait super skrull
    use strange instead and show it in a book that is not even a tie in
    >bait pymtron
    >bait hank
    the fracking kill him
    im mean it really looks like duggan had a plan for the original players but marvel told him to F off and use movie characters instead


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)21:56:37 No.101773643

    That's probably what happened for most of them. With Wolverine he was probably told that he can't because Wolverine gets his own event.
    Teasing Super-Skrull and giving us Strange instead is probably the worst part. Kl'rt hasn't been given any good roles since Secret Invasion.



    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)22:29:55 No.101774368

    So now we have Sorcerer Supreme > Mind Stone and Scientist Supreme > Soul Stone. Cool


    Anonymous 07/18/18(Wed)23:58:10 No.101776072

    Ironically, the only one who wasn't forked over was Turk, who was legitimately too small of a fish in the sea to get booted out.


    Anonymous 07/19/18(Thu)02:04:10 No.101777951

This may no longer be verbatim anymore since that 'origin' was from Universe 6 and this is Universe 8. *koff*


    Anonymous 07/19/18(Thu)03:41:50 No.101778989

    Reverting Lifebringer was editorial
    Slott wants Galactus in his F4 and let's be honest: it was due to happen anyways
    Now just make Galacta the new lifebringer

Or maybe even write off Galacta.


    Anonymous 07/19/18(Thu)04:37:52 No.101779486

    Stop bullying Turk, everyone, only Matt gets to bully Turk.

Is that him on upcoming cover, opting to wear a fedora?


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