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Subj: Avengers #6: Beware vomitous content...
Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 at 02:07:54 pm EDT (Viewed 781 times)

There's the literal proof. Plus, the ignoble insulting and degrading descriptives done throughout the ish. The figurative proof...


\(no\) So, humanity has been retconned to a pathetic pathogen purpose in life. As if "Earth" is the star of all stories. [And we're probably not even talking Gaea (not mentioned).] All our superhumans are just superviruses and superbacteria. [sarcasm]Nice.[/sarcasm]

\(yes\) Good cover (albeit -arguably- poser).

\(no\) So, not properly stated but the omnipotent gestalt psionics of the Final Host must have been influencing everyone across Earth -AND the continuum!- into "ostrich with head in sand" mentality. Doubtful it was The Horde causing the cosmic depression; odd since Final Host want the bugs gone. Somehow The Avengers have been able to overcome it to fight back (probably explained somewhere in #1-5). At least, we get generous cameos of HOW many Handbook characters were (sadly) facing the "end of the world".

\(no\) Unseen: Useless since Original Sin 'til a writer is challenged to do something notable with him.

\(no\) Man-Thing: Feels like continuity ignored. Missed opp. All that juicy fear and not a reference to burning. At least he deserves to be back in Florida.

\(no\) Starbrand: Feels like continuity ignored. Say what?! He doesn't have a current Host? Since when?

\(no\) Gladiator: Feels like continuity ambivalent. Why him? Was he a weak reference to the Original Starbrand's absence from this battle like every other modern day cameo representative of the CAVEngers got.

\(no\) Jean Grey: Feels like a shameful showing. Too bad Searebro never saw them coming, eh. Poor Atlanteans better hope for a Cosmic Reset of some sort instead of the fate of boiled lobsters.

\(no\) Iron Fist. Feels like continuity ignored. He's got an EasyPass to K'un-Lun now?? Ditto The Horde?? 'Cuz the Final Host is including ADJACENT DIMENSIONS in their judgement??

\(no\) Shuri & Company?: "Wakanda Forever" doesn't mean as long as you think it means. BP must have given them the green light to fold their hands instead of sit on them.

\(no\) Khonshu: At least he scores some secret offerings out of this hot mess... but from who? Missed opp for a N'Kantu, the Living Mummy or Moon Knight cameo.

\(no\) Odin: Scaredy cat.

\(no\) All-Cartoony, All-Childish Avengers banter. Some of the lines were kind of fun to balance out the overwhelming and uninspiring degradation going on. But more of it was just too much when more exciting exposition was needed.

\(no\) GR can name the Celestials for the not so big story reveal. Guess, getting in Shulkie's head didn't work to help humanity but Robbie was as far the brainspace the shared knowledge need to go. This story point was wanting.

(Mixed feelings) T'Challa relying on sensors. Fine, his tech/canon makes this perfectly fine. At the same time it diminishes his unique contributions to this team.

(Mixed feelings) Captain Britain gets a cameo. BUT doing who knows what with a WTH panel transistion.

\(yes\) Once again, the worst character, GR, gets the most (the only?) interesting characterization moments. Barely. Except for all the vomit.

(Mixed feelings) Pea-brained dinosaurs afraid. Hellfire Club degenerates to the end. The Hand on a hari kari high. Dracula is alive - did we know this from his last appearance. Ebony Blade - bleeding?? Bleeding??!! Bear-Man is Ursa Major? Single-out for the heck of it like Gladiator??

\(no\) ONE SENTENCE to inform readers all the Dead Celestials are now attacking Zombies is NOT effective crisisbuilding. Similarly, the scope of AFSS escape pods to evaculate Earth feels meaningless when with ONE SENTENCE.

\(yes\) The Avengers "Transformers" upgrade gimmick is short-lived and hard to duplicate. AND, at least, they put a dent in the foes.

(Mixed feelings) So, will something come in the aftermath of throwing around nuclear cores left and right?

\(no\) "LIKE HERPES. ONLY CUTE." Not Nuff Said - more like, Better Not Said. Facepalm: https://media.giphy.com/media/IYVq0UDT39mg0/giphy.gif

\(yes\) The Avengers manage to put the pieces together and come up with the Live Virus Vaccine solution.

\(no\) Loki is a murderous ass 'til the end here. His role and foreknowledge of this Crisis is as convoluted as ever.

(Mixed feelings) So, it looks like The Eternals have as much chance at coming back as those overdone Atlanteans. At least Ikaris helped save the day. \(yes\) On the other hand, readers must assume he can telepathically implant info and assume his Uni-Mind
instructions are more creative guidelines than the proper Kirby way to do things. \(no\) Let's PLEASE assume that this mental download can not be remembered to repeat and that sharing everyone's SHOCKING memories are quickly forgotten.

\(\?\) So, once The Horde is defeated, what faction of Celestials are teaming up with The Avengers to defeat the infected Undead Celestials seemingly unphased by the Uni-Mind? The Dark Celestials? The Final Host? Confused... but it doesn't matter 'cuz this arc is over. Yay.

\(no\) Black Bolt. Feels like continuity ignored. Was he visiting Attilan? 'Cuz doesn't he live in New Arctilan on the Moon as of Avengers #1.

\(no\) Odin makes a mere passing comment about his 'affair' with The Original Phoenix which was the only curiosity of the HORRIBLE Cavengers retcon. Shamefully missed opp.

\(no\) Continuity, ARGH! So, is Loki captured at the end before or after Infinity Wars? The Avengers are officially formed and ALL their guest appearances we've seen happen after this issue. So, does that mean that by next issue that Doc and T'Challa should be OFF THE TEAM and off to their opening series arcs?


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