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Author Topic: so, batman or detective?? kind of a noobish question

hey all, I'm looking to get back into batman a little bit...I was when grant morrison and andy kubert were on the book, but one day I walked in and they weren't the creative team so I haven't paid much attention..I see that they're back on the book so I was looking to pick that up, along with batman confidential because I'm a big fan of Wilce Portacio

I've also been considering picking up detective comics

this question may be hard to answer, but what's really the difference between detective comics and the batman title???

I've also been browsing the DC trade paperback collection, but it kind of seems like they're not as good or timely as marvel is with getting their trades out..also, going by the descriptions on DC's site, it's hard to see what titles/issues the trades are collecting...

any help would be appreciated


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