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I was just wondering cause I read this somewhere before, did the Joker create Bizarro?

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Omar Karindu

> I was just wondering cause I read this somewhere before, did the Joker create Bizarro?

Yes and no. He created a version of Bizarro during Emperor Joker -- based on the Pre-Crisis Bizarro with the reversed powers he'd gained back in Superman v.1 #304-5 -- and that Bizarro became THE Bizarro running around the Superman books from then until Infinite Crisis. He was almost exclusively a Jeph Loeb character.

The Joker did so while possessing the stolen powers of Superman's imp enemy Mr. Myxyzptlk, and a later story made things yet more confusing by suggesting that the Clown Prince of Crime had somehow absorbed similar omnipotent imp Bat-Mite. More confusingly, Bizarro World (with a Batzarro) turned up as a fractured alternate timeline in that arc, suggesting that this Bizarro was actually from that timeline and had been plucked from it by the omnipotent Joker.

However, both before and after Infinite Crisis, most Bizarros are scientifically-produced imperfect duplicates or clones of Superman, and the various continuity versions of Lex Luthor usually have a hand in their creation. The current storyline in Action Comics seems to have reverted to the "clone" explanation for its Bizarro.

- Omar Karindu

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