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Subj: (Batman-Related) Questions about Superman #668 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 at 12:06:31 am EDT
Reply Subj: What hand-weapon did Dick/Robin use in B:TAS?
Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2007 at 02:36:05 pm EDT

Just read Supes 668 last night, and there's some stuff I'm wondering about...

The kryptonite ring was destroyed during IC. Bats took a year off after that. Since then, though, he's been putting some time and effort into yet another side project (How does he have time for all this? I know, I know... He's Batman): finding a way to stop Superman, just in case. He's had enough time to do some pretty extensive R&D (heavy on the R, of course).

Thing is... He's got money, underworld contacts, and a fairly extensive information network. Black Mask was able, not too long ago, to put those three things together to get himself 100lbs of kryptonite. Now, even if that's no longer in continuity (and maybe that is best left buried, for several reasons), the point remains that Batman should have had no trouble replacing the ring by now, with some bigger chunks on the side.

So... why hasn't he? Or... did he, and it just didn't come up?

Is he researching alternatives because he doesn't want to have to use K? Or because he wants to be prepared in case an evil Superman from another universe (who would therefore be immune to native K) drops by again? Or... what? (Oh, and I'd probably be better off asking this on another board, but while I'm posting here... Does anyone know if Powergirl, who is from another universe, is [currently] immune to Earth-1 kryptonite?)

Also... Wasn't the entire point (or a major one, at the least) of IC/OYL that the good guys (and Batman in particular) had become too dark and paranoid? And yet here we have Batman doing secret anti-Superman research, and Superman knowing about it from having spied on him. And it hasn't even been a year since we saw Batman and Robin swing cheerfully over to the roof of Gotham Central, to be greeted by applause. What's the deal?

Oh, and speaking of that... Batman mutters to himself about lead-lining the cave to better shield his anti-Superman research, and then, in the same issue, invites Superman to watch what's happening on the cave's big screen from n many miles away. Granted, the shielding comment was at least half-joking. But still...

I don't know. Any thoughts, guys?