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With the rumors regarding the death of Bruce Wayne floating around recently, I've thought of another scenario for Bruce Wayne that would be much more appealing to me (and that's what it's all about right? \:\-\)

First of all, the most recent word is that Bruce Wayne won't be dying after all but there will still be some major event in Bruce Wayne's/Batmans life (how sure are we of THIS most recent rumor that he's not dying???). What will that be?

Here's what I wouldn't mind seeing:

While I like Bruce Wayne just fine as Batman, what I wouldn't mind seeing, if it must, is for Bruce Wayne to retire for good as Batman. Just walk away from the cape and be Bruce Wayne. He could always be there in the background as an "advisor," but there would be a new Batman. Whoever that may be, I don't really care - Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson or Damian (after all in Batman #666 we see Damian as the new Batman of the future). I would like to see Bruce finally have a social life, maybe a significant other, possibly get married and have kids. This is one thing I like about Spidergirl - Peter Parker is shown as a Dad and a normal person and he even sometimes suits up and fights alongside Spidergirl - though very rarely.

Maybe Bruce is forced to retire because of a significant injury. I don't know if I'd want to see him completely crippled, but injured badly enough that he can't fight effectively anymore. Perhaps he could fight if he had to, but not at the same superhuman level. Sort of like Peter Parker being forced to retire because his lower leg was blown off by Green Goblin's pumpkin bomb. He has a prosthetic that allows him to fight every once in a while, but not nearly at the same level as before.

So, that's the scenario, if a change must happen, that I'd like to see. Batman being forced to retire and then mentoring the new Batman. Bruce Wayne with a social life and normal responsibilities might be entertaining to some of the older readers that have families themselves. Just a thought...

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The following link was posted just shortly ago by another poster, Icon. It clearly states that Bruce Wayne is not dying, and gives a hint for why. Something to do with the big bosses at Warner Brothers.
Check it out:

So, you can stop worrying. It's all false.

"Ladies and gentlemen! You've read about it in the newspapers! Now, shudder as you observe, before your very eyes, that most rare and tragic of nature's mistakes! I give you... the average man!"
(by Joker, from The Killing Joke).

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Whew! I've been really really worried about that stupid rumor. Wait a minute, isn't that the same web page that STARTED the rumor?! ha ha!

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