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Subj: Batman Confidential 19...
Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 at 04:38:52 pm EDT (Viewed 231 times)

Pretty good stuff. Preferred first 2 chapters to be honest.

Batman Confidential 19

The cover has more skin than it should probably to make up for inside having less skin than it did.









Here's the recap:

The good stuff highlights:
The art! The pacing!
The first 2/3 of the story!
The shared narration and facial expressions (again).
"(plus, you know, it's the right thing to do...)" \:\)
The mirror moment.
The first fight vs Andre the Giant.
The aftermath conversation - characters seem spot on.
"Don't be an idiot." \:D
The warehouse scene up to the point the lights went out.

Didnt care for:
Overindulgence of more than one silhouette page of fighting.
Selina's poor plan (not the fact that it failed as she did well in the fight).
Andre sneaking up on BG like that.
No reasonable gadgets/strategy in Batbelt to use against Andre especially since this is her second time at it - but somewhat forgivable as it is her Year One type fight.
Tire iron of fate.
"Party is over now. Sorry." Didnt sound too Russian-like for him.
Poor/unclear choreography how they cleared the blast.

And then there's the ending:
Would've probably enjoyed the whole arc with just these two interacting characterizations to carry the story, on the other hand what's a dynamic duo without Batman!

Look forward to:

Did anyone like it more or less?
Would Batman have had that gold symbol this early in his career?
Is it true Selina comments on this adventure in Huntress?

Discuss Iron Fist & MI13 titles too!
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