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I'm going to keep this short because I'm not feeling the Batgirl love from you people. Actually, to be fair to Batgirl, I'm not feeling a lot of bat book love period. I'm not seeing comments on Batman and Robin, Streets of Gothem, Gothem Sirens, Batman, Batman Confidential, Batman and Superman, Detective Comics. Boy, when you write that sentence it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe there's a danger of bat overexposure. (Using bat as an adjective always makes things better).

OK, back to Batgirl. Boy this issue flies. By fly, I mean it goes smoothly. Scenes connect with characters and previous scenes. The action flows, and the plot is just right. We start with Steph in an ambulance after receiving a headwound in the previous issue. She says her name is Fay Wray. When that hits the airwaves Oracle knows something is up. It seems that Steph and Barb have been doing training and Fay Wray is a code for in an ambulance under civilian identity. Ti be fair, I'm a fan of the show, don't tell school. This training and use of code words has been unseen so far and it would have een nice to see at least a page dedicated to Barb showing Steph some ropes. In the past Barb has made fun of Bruce for all his contingencies, but it seems to be catchy.

Barb apparently has a black box in all ambulances, and I assume cop cars and fire trucks, and uses said box to crash the ambulance so Steph can get away. She goes to the scene of the crime, and fights and snarks with Robin, who I still want to drop slowly into a wood chipper so it would be as if he never existed. Steph bonds with the little psychopathic snot and goes to Jordanna's place. Apparently Jordie knows all about the Garcia family's troubles.

Dad is a degenerate gambler and got in with the sharks. Roulette kidnapped the son to attract Bat attention so that three different villains - Dr. Phospherous, Roxy Rocket and some person/crew called Riot could locate Bats and kill him. All this would be broadcast over the Internet for big bucks. This clears Garcia of his debt. Silly boys, shouldn't they know that only Porn and Star Trek make money over the Internet. (That's a 15-year-old joke folks).

We also see Steph spar with Damien and represent herself well. We see Steph think and plan and Damiem lead the charge despite not knowing where they're supposed to be going.

Barb and Dick talk a little more and I get the sense that he comes to accept Steph as the new Batgirl. Steph is shown to be patient, understanding, kind and wanting to bond with Snotboy.

Boy, I'm liking her character more and more. READ this book folks. It's not about a thief and two mass murderers (thats Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harly Quinn) having wacky adventures. It's not about Morrison's too smart for me to understand plots that are filled with obscure Jungian symoblism and flying cars, flying cars!!!! damnit what's next a Bat credit card!?!?!!?

It's about a spunky hero who wants to fight crime, go to school and not tick off her mom. She's funny, brave, kind and is not afraid to ask for help and guidance. It's really fun, and that's not a sin in comic books. Plus, I have to say, I'm loving the costume. It's Batty, without being too dark. There's a sexiness to it (yes, I can appreciate sexiness when done right, I'm looking you Power Girl, but not in a learying way, but rather in a eye-rolling DC just doesn't get it kind of way).

Or I could be wrong.

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    OK, back to Batgirl. Boy this issue flies. By fly, I mean it goes smoothly. Scenes connect with characters and previous scenes. The action flows, and the plot is just right.

These are my exact thoughts about this book. I find myself leaving this book for last each week, just because I know I'm going to enjoy it.

Yet again the issue was good. I like the Bard and Dick dynamic, but I don't like how then portray Dick-bat's. I get it, he's not Bruce, but unless then give him the ability to get out of this situation in the next book, I won't be very pleased.

On a separate note. I know robin is young, but wow, this book portrays him as REALLY young.


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