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Subj: 10 reasons to like Batman: The Dark Knight #3...
Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 at 11:38:27 pm EDT (Viewed 329 times)

This issue was a linksearcher's nightmare, what with the exact same search engine name as the upcoming movie; but it was a Batmanreader's dream...

Batman: The Dark Knight #3

1 Grabber cover. [Though the Batman vs Ragman variant was unnecessarily misleading.]
2 Multiple exciting storylines easy to follow. [Though the mainstream chronology placement is still frustratingly unclear.]
3 Fantastic art. [Though not sure when Ragman got teeth like a demonic Wonder Dog and his stringy face is just the mask right? And Pengy had a few too many worry lines. Otherwise the whole issue was remarkable.]
4 Intriguing development with Demon. Killing that vagrant was a shock.
5 Hijacking the (cool version) Batmobile was a fun bit with Alfred and the girl. It's segues in and out of the main story were well done too.
6 Gordon vs Forbes scene was believable drama interlude. Anxious to see where this goes iffff mainstream placement is made clear.
7 Death Trap. Batman was spot on pumping for info while timing it right. A nitpick would be his patented escape prowess was a tad unbelievable because of his miraculous 8second speed factor in his (unclearly) removing the bomb.
8 Dawn. Saving the girl is classic comicbook goodness - cue/queue banner submission. And trying to get a read on her is compelling so far given her cruel trick on Pengy and Bats present desire for her.
9 Self-contained wrap up with story elements but with clear plotlines still laid down.
10 The shocker of a last page reveal!

Any more reasons to like this?

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