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Subj: Batman and Robin #2...
Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2011 at 08:03:22 pm EDT (Viewed 11 times)

Batman & Robin 2

The cover. Don't judge this book by this cover. The image is dreadfully context-weak and the disappointing story does not deliver the high octane ride that is seen/scene here.

scene 1. The story opens with a spotlight on Damian off duty. This ideally is good for nu readers and main character setup but hardly anything new. The predictable dynamics of Bruce and his son are shown but still nice to see in a series set up.

scene 2. The Duo easily wipe the floor with flunkeys in uninspired fashion. Though their costume details were actual fine fashion. Neat nod to Englehart. Batman's compliment was a interesting utterance (considering what we know about the oldDC version) but his entrance line onto the scene was kinda lame.

scene 3. Exit Bats with flunkeys trussed up and isloated. Enter the premiere's cliffhanger villain to kill them... in some way for some reason.

scene 4. Bruce and Alfred debate about an aspect of fatherhood. Surprisingly, to me it seemed like the inexperienced parent trumped the experienced bachelor.

scene 5. Bruce the billionaire not trillionaire says goodnight to Damian who should be buying some steroid alternatives for his spriggy stature.

scene 6. Damian can't get killing out of his system. PETA would scream at what he does but Alfred the Spy just bites his tongue. Two pages felt too long.

scene 7. Enter: Bathound?! \:\) Yea! Enter Morgan?! \:\( Baffling sudden entrance, connection to Wayne, reveal as the Spidermask-guy, plotline significance, casual conversation, ninjalike escape, and colorful contents put in the barrel.

Were you disappointed?

Still missing my brother...