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Subj: Batgirl #3
Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 at 09:22:53 pm EST (Viewed 13 times)

Ok, I'm going to keep this one short. Batgirl is sent off after a train where a good samaritan or the person the good samaritan saved is going to be. Batgirl is told not to tell anyone by Mirror.

How he could know she texted someone or not is beyond me, but apparently not Mirror.

She gets to the train, defies the laws of physics to get in, grabs the person she's supposed to save and says through the comm link Mirror gave her that he won't pull the trigger and set off the bomb because Batgirl must die by falling because the miracle of her grabbing thug number four from issue one as they fall over a rail and catching said rail and saving both of them with one arm is a miracle. Just want to say totally called it.

Mirror says he won't kill guy number one because guy number two is on the passing train which blows up. Babs fails but it's a two face kind of deal, if I can't get you one way, I'll get you another. Gordon tells Woman detective she's still off the case until psych says OK. Detective utters some truly AWFUL dialogue about how Gordon has a weakness for bats and even through he's good looking in his own way, her play by her own rules attitude will go into play.

Babs says hi to dad. They don't speak honestly with each other. AWKWARD. We also learn that Bab's degree is in forensic psychology and no one will hire her because she's inexperienced yet overqualified. Bruce couldn't help.

Cut to Babs going to police impound to steal the babsbike. Nightwining drops by. He expresses concern, Babs act like a total bitch and leg sweeps him, proving that Nightwing is lame. You know how easy it is to avoid a leg sweep from someone who starts from a standing position, it's very easy. Babs says tag. Remembers her youth. Dick totally catches her by surprise. She says she wants to be alone after physically attacking him. He says he is worried about her not because he is afraid she's not up to snuff, no it's because he loves her. He then is a total dick and leaves.

What we learn. Apparently she's not a libarian-computer expert anymore, so no Oracle? She calls Dick Richard, which makes sense because no one under the age of 65 is called Dick.

What I didn't like. Again, the dialogue. It is truly wretched. Woman detective, in her inner monologue, saying and I quote "You're a good man Jim Gordon. Not bad looking either, if you like that type of thing. Good cop too. You have a blind spot when it comes to Bats." She is looking at a computer screen with the notation "what happened to Batgirl?"

We still don't know what happened to Batgirl. I now don't care. The nightwing thing is a total interuption of the story. It just brings it to a halt. I know Gail wants to set up the Batgirl world. But aside from telling us Babs has a different degree, she really doesn't tell us anything new. The retconned relationship between Dick and Babs has already been established within the last 10 years. (Before that, Dick Loved Starfire and Babs and Dick had a big sister, little brother relationship.)

Mirror is just a lame villain to me. His schtick is just another Gotham villain gimmick. I am tired of Gotham gimmick villains. Whatever happened to villains who were crooks. Say what you will about Chuck Dixon, but his villains tended to be crooks who were after money. They might have been dangerous, stupid, greedy and untrustworthy, but they were criminals.

Also babs, you know who the villain is. Tell the police. Just don't tell them where is lair is. For all you know it's booby trapped. You know Mirro uses bombs, you know he has a camera in the place, why not blow up police who are interfering with your game. Mirror might let you live via an overly complicated psychosis that involves illogical compulsions and lots and lots of extreme violence with high body counts.

I am totally bummed with Batgirl. Gail will have to raise her game. In Steph Batgirl, when told calling a batarang is ridiculous, she replies, yeah ridiculously awesome. Now that's great dialogue that shows Steph is awesome and the book is fun.

I am this close to quitting the book. It's grim, the plot meanders, the dialogue is truly terrible. The charactgers are cliches. The edgy cop who plays by her own rules and will discover the Commish batgirl link. The roommate who is quirky, but has a secret.

Babs is also not interesting in this book. She has doubts, but they are deary doubts. I will admit that her fears and worries are actually "realistic" but they're not fun to read. Right now Babs is a bitch who endangers people just to prove herself. This not a fun book, and the idea of batgirl not being fun just beggars the imagination.

Or I could be wrong. I was certainly wrong when I said I'd keep this short.