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Subj: Nightwing 3- seriously gotta be the best title in DC
Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 at 11:26:29 am EST (Viewed 496 times)

Now I haven't sampled tons of the Nu52, but seriously nightwing is awesome,

The artwork is stunning, vibrant, enhances the story...
The story is full, you get actual dialog, an interesting plot, good pacing and action, and it is soooo cool that they are digging into Dicks past with the circus.

The writer has a good grasp of the character and is staying true to that...if it wasn't broke don't fix it applys here and the writer does well!

To me this has the potential to go where the initial Hush
storyline went in Batman. Great art, good characters, impactful conclusion...but with a nightwing feel to it, VERY excited about this gotta check it out!