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stupid baby

I wasnt planning on buying Batman Leviathan on wed. due to the price ( 6$ ) but just read an interview with Morrison, and its 2 books in one, it takes place in the old continuity, and looking at the preview - its the first Batman book in a while to make me go - Holy Crap! so, some comic store is getting my 6$ on Wed.

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Captain Spanky

I got it and read it. I'll just say without spoiling that I really loved the story with Batgirl/Stephanie!!! I thought it was a great read and much better than the stuff over in the current Batgirl ongoing! I hope they still use her in the current continuity and don't turn her back into the Spoiler. Maybe keep the costume and just change her codename. I think she is a much more enjoyable character than Barbara as Batgirl.

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stupid baby

Thank you for writing back, I loved the book, its my Christmas present from DC Comics. I hadnt heard anyone guess the main villain and for my the last page was a great surprise.
Grant Morrison has earned his good reputation yet again. Thank you DC!
And as for Steph, I cant beleive I didnt like this character waaaaay back when Dixon wrote Robin. She so great now, I do agree with most everything you said, but I do not this she Better than Barbara. I like the original Batgirl stuff much better than the Nu52 Babs Batgirl stuff.
As a matter of fact, do to our past love of comics and whatnot, whenever my brother and I reference some hot girl, we refer to her as a Barbara Gordon. "-)
Happy Holidays

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This book is Stephanie/Batgirl? I can't believe they're going with that.

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Captain Spanky

They make sure to specify that this is prior to the whole Nu 52 thing.

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BEfore I read your review I hadn't known that it was pre-new continuity! It was definitely Morrison at his most psychedelic. Liked that they closed the book on Jezebal Jet. Loved the whole story!

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Stupid Baby

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thank you, I am
glad you liked it.

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