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Subj: GOTHAM EP 13
Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 at 11:52:33 pm EST (Viewed 223 times)

Bruce and Alfred are back, Bruce mentions that he had left town for a few weeks at Alfred's request. Bruce is looking for Selena. Later at Wayne Manor, Selena shows up and Bruce offers her a gift and an offer to live at the mansion. She freaks out, tells Bruce she lied about seeing the killer and leaves. Bruce is upset, Alfred gives him some minor comfort and gets him to snap out of it. Bruce vows to find more leads.

Fish is chained up and going to be tortured but her loyal lieutenant saves her. She vows to kill Penguin before she leaves town. She confronts him at her former club and is starting to give him the works when Victor Sazj arrives on the scene and we get a merry little chase that ends with Fish escaping and Victor capturing her lieutenant.

Nygma is still pestering the girl at work, he gives her a card and other cops read it and make fun of him. She later apologizes to him and told him that Arnold took it from her without her permission. He's about to ask her out but she tells him to not say anything and leaves.

Detective Flass is brought into the series now, anyone that remembers Batman Year One should remember him.

A drug dealer was killed and Gordon and Bullock investigate it, the sole witness is asked to come in to work with a sketch artist. But he is killed by someone in the police building. Gordon pursues the case and asks Cobblepott to aid him in getting information as Flass is protected from on high, including by Commissioner Loeb. Cobblepot's goon gets the evidence and gives it to Gordon. Gordon then confronts Flass for a showdown that ends with Flass being arrested, with Gordon getting an assist from the Captain and some other cops. Flass' cop buddies give Gordon the stink eye as they leave.

Bullock gets Fish to the docks so she can leave town. She asks him to find Butch if he is still alive and vows to return one day to kill Penguin.

Gordon is visited at the end by the cop that was visited by Cobblepot's goon and he begs Gordon to keep his family out of the matter. Gordon gets a worred look as the episode ends.

Looks like Gordon's request to Cobblepot that no one gets hurt wasn't quite heeded. The goon had the dirty cop at gunpoint and was water torturing his wife to get him to confess. She lived but of course the guy is freaked.

Selena seems scared of being in Bruce's place and of forming any friendship with him and tells him to back off, he's freaking her out, etc. So the question now is: did she really see the killer or not? Alfred has no kind thoughts about her and isn't surprised by what she did.

The verbal abuse that Nygma receives from the other cops is definitely going to twist him, also if something happens to the girl he likes, or if she refuses to date him, well....Nygma clearly isn't playing with a full deck now anyway.

I really don't like the idea that Fish is still out there and could return. They should end her character.

No mention of Barbara the most useless character in the show in this episode.

So Gordon's reputation among the cops grows a bit. he has taken down a corrupt cop which makes both friends and enemies. Hope Gordon wears a kevlar vest from now on, he might be needing it. You do NOT take down another cop, even with a mountain of evidence, and not walk away without a scratch.

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