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We get the usual recap

Ep starts with Bruce at home asleep with a book in hand, the book contains clues he has been gathering.

At Penguin's club, his mom is singing on stage, much to the chagrin of some patrons.

Fish awakes in her prison and awakens the others, the wounded are helped to the water

We then see useless Barbara arrive at her apartment. Selina and Pamela are there and of course she is not pleased that they are there and they tell her that Jim dropped his keys off last week. Barbara acts all bitter and sits down and asks who they are.

We then cut to the circus, Jim and Leslie are on a date and we see the Flying Graysons acrobatic act. As they are getting an ovation the clown filled car suddenly comes out and the clowns start attacking the Ringmaster and other circus personnel. Jim pulls out his badge to break it up.

Scene change to the Penguin's place where he forces others to applaud his mom. Someone says "Boo!" and Penguin hobbles over to deal with the person. We see blood splash on a witness' face.

At the circus, Gordon is interrogating the Circus personnel. We learn that the Grayson's and the Llyod's don't like each other. John Grayson squelches the conversation, and Leslie concludes it is a rival lover thing that may involve the snake dancer. Jim and Leslie ask the ring master about the Snake Dancer's whereabouts.

They go to her trailer and some kid states she is not there, and hasn't been for some time. The Ringmaster attempts to deflect the conversation and tries to tell Gordon that she is a partygirl. Gordon asks for the snake to be released as it is agitated and that it may seek out its owner. It is a rathe large python snake, FYI. So they follow the snake to a cart that is covered. It slithers under the cart and Gordon removes the cover and we see a dead snake dancer. Got to admit, I've seen dogs and cats locate their owners, but a snake is a bit new.....not sure how plausible it is, but it is new.

Gordon confronts the Ringmaster as the kid cries. Ringmaster states she was like that when she was found earlier by them.

Fish is lecturing the prisoners, apparently they are held captive to be organ donors. She promises them that if theuy follow her she will do her best to get some of them out alive. She states that some will likely die, but they are family and she promises to aid them.

At the circus, the Ringmaster takes them to where the body was found. The ringmaster states he and the heads of the families knew about her, and tells Gordon that they have their ways of finding who did it. Gordon has them arrested. At the station, Bullock is surprised to see the circus in town. Gordon talks to the kid about his now dead mother. He tells him about his mother, how she had many lovers including Grayson and Lloyd. Gordon then talks to the other circus folk and tries to learn about the family feud and learns the feud started three generations ago about a stolen horse. Bullock is talking to Grayson and learns of the feud also. Grayson and the girl continue to argue with each other.

Fish prepares her uprising as their jailers come to them. Fish tells the leader they need to speak. The leader tells her to back off, Fish tells him she is the new top prisoner now. She tells them they can have the prisoner in exchange for supplies or else she will kill the prisoner they are looking for. The leader refuses, and she signals some goons to beat the prisoner to a pulp, which they do. The leader is quite surprised and she reiterates her demands. The squad Leader tells her she needs to be taken to the manager. Fish agrees as long as the squad leader stays as their guest. The squad leaves to speak to the manager. Fish kneels before the dead prisoner for a moment.

Back at GCPD, the Captain is amazed the snake found the body and the prime suspects are a clown and an acrobat. Nygma and Thompkins show up, he states the victim was killed by a large knife and hatchet blows to the head, and she puts the time at 3pm the previous afternoon. Nygma seems....displeased with Thompkins investigating. Gordon releases the other cirus personnel except for the two main suspects and advises them they can't leave town and they should rethink the feud. Leslie invites Gordon for dinner. A blind man and a kid arrive to speak to them, he states he is a psychic with a circus. He brings them a message from "the other side" from Lyla, Leslie is curious and he tells them a servant of the devil lies in the garden of the iron sisters. he tells them to make of the message what they will and leaves. Gordon thinks the guy is a fraud, she believes the guy.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is still working on his clues. Alfred confirms Bruce that he has a meeting with the board tomorrow. Alfred thinks it is dangerous but Bruce is determined to meet the board. Alfred fears they will be dead in a ditch but supports Bruce.

Penguin is playing his piano at his place.

useless Barbara is trying out dresses to wear to see if she can get Jim to come back.

Gordon has dinner with Leslie at her place. She suddenly has an Epiphany about Iron Ridge at Arkham and how there is a garden in that area. They again bicker about the psychic message and Gordon agrees to check the place with her. She insists they go now even though it is nighttime. They get their flashlights and go check the area, they continue to bicker a bit as they look around. The bickering is mostly playful. Gordon finds an axe on the ground labeled THFC, The Hell Fire Club, an apparently defunct satanist cult. Gordon calls it in and asks for people to be picked up, quietly.

At the station they bicker some more and she heads home, but he stops her and asks her to come with him to meet the suspects. One is the psychic, and they chat with him. Gordon tells him that he is an accessory to the murder, had the hatchet planted to frame the satanists, etc. The psychic sticks to his story about the message from beyond. The kid Jereome (son of Lyla) is then brought in. he asks if Gordon found the killer, and Gordon states that jerome killed her and the psychic covered it up and had the axe planted.

The kid states his father was a captain that died at sea. Gordon thinks the kid and the psychic are father and son. The psychic then confesses that he is Jerome's dad, and his mom was mean, etc. but that she loved him very much, etc.

The kid starts crying then switches to a more malevolent grinm then a smile that is reminiscent of the Joker.....

He then states his mother was a cold hearted person that loved no one and that she wouldn't touch an old man like him. he reiterates that he is his father. The kid then acts crazy some more and again has a rather evil smile on his face and thinks the situation is funny.....

Gordon asks why he killed her, and Jerome then rather coldly and angrily tells why, and then starts laughing manically.....very much like the Joker would laugh in the future......

Gordon talks to Leslie later about what happened. She thanks Gordon for letting her be there for the confrontation. She then asks him if they can go home now, and he gladly says yes. They kiss and do not see useless Barbara as she arrives at the door of the room, sees them and then leaves.

Penguin gets a visit at his club from Victor who states that Falcone is not pleased with the club's business numbers. Penguin then sees Fish's lieutenant Butch and freaks out. Victor states he gave Butch the works for a few weeks in his lair and that Butch can help Penguin with the club. Victor assures him that Butch will follow his orders without question. Penguin orders Butch to dance and he does.....

At Wayne Manor, Alfred and Bruce prep for the meeting and head out. They arrive and Bruce sits at the board table with Alfred behind him, and he states he was questions for them. The board assures him that the company is his and invites the questions.

Chemical Weapons manufacturing and underworld involvement with Arkham.

At GCPD, Gordon learns the feud is over and that Robert Grayson and has proposed to his girl, hence we get the union that will one day produce Dick Grayson. Bullock takes one look at Gordon and figures out that Gordon spent quality time with Leslie last night.

Back at the board room Bruce concludes that person or persons in the company have been colluding with the underworld. The board tells him he lacks proof but that they will investigate, Bruce then tells them that he will raise his concerns at the shareholders meeting and threatens any necessary legal action will occur. bruce is patronized a bit and he assures them his age is not relevant and that he if were an adult he would be the chairman of the board and that he would run the company honestly. he and Alfred depart and the board looks.......displeased.

At the prison, the squad returns and tells Fish she has a deal. She meets the manager and he will stay there. We learn the squad leader is Thomas Schmidt. She disarms him and leaves him surrounded by prisoners and goes to meet the mysterious manager.

End of episode.

okay so we meet the future parents of Dick Grayson.

Gordon spends quality time with Leslie.

Useless Barbara is furious and seeing Jim with another woman. Too bad, if you weren't a bisexual junkie maybe you'd still be with him.

The feud within the Circus going for three generations over a horse is pretty darn stupid. The fact that these people listened to Gordon is astounding given the long running feud and bad blood, but sometimes one voice of reason is enough to cut through mass stupidity.

Fish Mooney is taking charge and forcing the mysterious management to meet her. Given that management agreed, I can't help but wonder if it is Don Falcone or Don Marone......

Butch, Fish's now apparently former Lieutenant, has been tortured and brain twisted to follow orders from Victor, Penguin and presumably Don Falcone.....however Butch may be biding his time for Fish to return.

Bruce Wayne shows the board that he will be a force to be reckoned with. While he has minimal proof to substantiate his claims against the board, he has made it clear to him where he stands and that it is not with them and that he will clean up Wayne Enterprises. The board does not look happy as Bruce and Alfred leave. Bruce better hole up in the mansion for awhile and tighten mansion security now. I still think the board had his parents killed to get them out of the way thinking that Bruce would be no threat. However the board did state that it is Bruce's company, ergo Bruce IS a threat. Bruce might need the shareholder's approval to change the board members, however if he has controlling interest as it seems he does then he may still be able to unilaterally act to clean house.

Now of course comes the big thing about this episode, the kid showing his evil face in the interrogation room and how he looks and laughs a bit too much like Joker will in the future.

Now...before anyone goes nuts over this and starts posting lame theories like Gordon suiting up as Batman while Bruce is still a kid, please remember that the writers and producers have stated that they have already done some preliminary Joker teasing in the series and that they planned to do some more.

Yes this kid apparently flips and goes crazy, presuming he wasn't already, however Joker's background has always been one of lies and multiple choice, as Joker puts it. We have never known anything of his parents and anything Joker has ever stated about his past is either a lie or a truth coated in lies.

Is this kid the future Joker? Maybe. he does seem to have the sociopathic tendencies of future Joker, but then again so can other people . Also laughing like a hysterical nutcase was around long before the Joker was.

We also have yet to see the upcoming Red Hood episode, which is said to have more future Joker teases in it.

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