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Subj: GOTHAM Feb 23rd
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after the recap which also gives us scenes of how Alfred knows how to fight and will teach Bruce, the ep starts.

Some goons get out of their car and put on hats and bandanas to hide their faces, except one who puts on a RED HOOD. The leader asks him "What is THAT?" and he says he made it and there is some confusion amongst them about it but they proceed. Also the person wearing the Red Hood sounds like a kid.

They enter the bank and proceed to rob it. The leader starts to speak, but Red Hood upstages him and warns everyone to stay down, etc etc and keeps on talking while a guard tries for a gun and shoots at the Red Hood. The guard appears to be a bad shot an Red Hood laughs with glee about not being shot. They leave and the cops approach, Red Hood then hops on a car starts throwing some of the money to the citizens to create a money mob while they get away.

Gordon and Bullock review the security footage and see the Red Hood. Bullock comments on how the guard missed the Red Hood and the bank rep states the guard doesn't wear his glasses as it makes him look old. Bullock retorts that missing 6 times at close range makes you look old.

Gordon notes they were in and out in two minutes, and the bank rep notes that the Red Hood only took the bank's money and threw some to the citizens. They learn a smoke bomb a week ago set off the alarm which is how the gang could time their heist.

At Wayne Manor it is night and storming, Alfred heads to the door with gun in hand and recognizes the man at the door. He hasn't seen Alfred in 20 years, and was nearly arrested for vagrancy but stated he told the cop that he was formerly with her majesty's secret service back in the day and was released. He asks Alfred for help. his name is Reggie, he lost his wife 11 years ago and kind of fell apart and worked odd jobs that he wasn't too proud of. Bruce then walks in and meets Reggie and learns that he and Alfred used to serve together. Bruce insists that Reggie stay for a few days.

Fish is taken to the manager that was mentioned in the last episode. Along the way she sees patient's in cells missing assorted body parts, including someone in a tub of ice, likely due to no kidneys.
She is taken to the office and the man in there orders her to sit down.

At GCPD, Gordon is reviewing the footage of when the smoke bomb was set, and it was set by someone not in the Red Hood but is likely the same person. Gordon notes the person is wearing a shirt from an auto shop.

At the shop the kid is excited over the fame they got in the press, and the gang is not thrilled. The kid is not the same kid from the Carnival that we had in the last episode, this person is dangerously happy, feels different when he wears the Red Hood, is excited that the media calls them the Red Hood gang, we see his face and his hair style looks slightly like how Joker will wear it in the future.

Please be advised though that unless my memory is getting too dusty, there have been others that wore the Red Hood due to its notoriety before the Joker emerged so this person may be future-Joker but given that we have seen his face, he likely will not be future-Joker. The writers/producers/directors have stated there will be many fake-Joker teases, they had some in the early eps with some comedians on stage at Fish's place, we had the nutty carny kid in last weeks episode, and now we have the Red Hood.

The kid states that the Red Hood is a symbol and that whoever wears it should lead. The gang leader then shoots the kid. The kid keels over, presumably dead and the gang leader puts on the Red Hood and dares his crew to object.

Fish talks to the manager, and states the place is run by the Doctor. The Doctor is away at Gotham and asks the manager to speak to Fish. Fish demands the Doctor's name and receives it. Fish declares the basement is hers and no one leaves it unless the Doctor negotiates with her directly. The Manager offers her a shower and fresh clothes, and then they will speak again.

At Penguin's a bad comedian is on stage, and one of the staff informs Penguin they are out of booze. Butch advises him that it was Marone's booze and that he is grumpy with Penguin these days. Buthc informs him that the whole side of town where they are is supplied with booze by Marone and Marone may not be able to kill Penguin but he still hates his guts. Butch warns him that no one will cross Marone to supply the place with booze.

Gordon and Bullock at the scene and find the dead fake Joker in a refrigerator. Meanwhile the Red Hood gang robs another bank. Red hood 2 declares they are after the bank's money and a citizen asks if he will share any of the money, Red Hood 2 starts laughing and throws some money at them, and says "sayonara!" as the gang leaves.

At GCPD a witness tells them he saw the second Red Hood take off his mask to drive the vehicle.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce is doing some training and Reggie chats with him. Alfed is helping to train Bruce, and Reggie does some sparring with Bruce. Reggie of course easily smacks Bruce around, with the intent of getting Bruce mad, Bruce gets angry and gets sloppy and Reggie holds him and tells him to hit him. Reggie then shows Bruce how to throw a punch and lets Bruce hit him a few times. Reggie tells him to use what it takes to take down a larger person. Alfred then intervenes and suggests Bruce take a rest and a shower. Bruce leaves and Alfred and Reggie have a chat and Alfred suggests they keep their past in the past and that Bruce has been a blessing to Alfred.

Penguin and his crew scout a warehouse that they plan to rob when the cops show up. Butch then shows up and tells Penguin the cops are fake cops that Butch sent in to clear the goons out of the warehouse so that there is no gunfight.

Back at usless Barbara's place, Selina talks to useless Barbara while Ivy just lays around. She thanks her for letting them stay. Barbara appears a bit buzzed as they talk. Barbara comes up with an idea and shows them her clothes and let's them pick what they like. She states she used to go out a lot..... then asks Selena to come with her. Barbara tells her she is a true beauty and that she can use that to her advantage, then Selena asks what good it has done Barbara and walks away.

At GCPD a lineup is formed of Red Hood suspects and their witness tells him that #4 is the Red Hood. Bullock pulls up the file on the suspect, and they decide to let him go so that he will lead them back to the gang so they can get them all.

Fish meets with Management again, and learns they have clients all over the world and the Doctor also has personal experiments. Management states that killing her and everyone in the basement which is an acceptable loss or they can carve her eyes out as they will fetch a nice price. Fish then fights back, grabs a spoon and gouges out her own left eye and steps on it.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce brings them a bottle from the cellar. Alfred agrees to open the bottle and have some. Reggie tosses the glass back with ease and as the night goes on they tell stories of the old days. Bruce learns Reggie was in the SAS and ran many missions. Reggie tells a bit of one about when Alfred and Reggie were captured. Alfred ends the conversation and Bruce heads to bed. Reggie asks Alfred why he hides what he was from Bruce and that Alfred is a cold blooded killer. Reg states he sees the faces at night of the ones they killed, and Alfred states he doesn't need to look for the faces, they find him.

Gordon and Bullock are tailing the Red Hood leader back to his place. When he enters, he finds one of his crew in there and he guy is begging to wear the Red Hood as his girl friend is leaving him and he wants to impress her. The guy then pulls a gun on him, the Red Hood 2 dares him to shoot and the punk shoots him. Bullock is trying to get info as the guy bleeds out and Gordon calls for an ambulance. Gordon sees bank loan denial forms and they learn the guy was robbing the banks for revenge and what the next target is.

At Penguin's place the booze is brought in and Butch offers Penguin a drink and offers a new beginning and states he is longer playing the role of sidekick. Penguin then talks a bit about Fish and offers a toast to her name and Butch states she got what she deserved.....interesting, has Butch really turned on Fish now?

At Wayne Manor, Alfred finds Reggie trying to steal things. Alfred states he could have asked for money. Reggie tells him that he is in real trouble and needs money badly. Reggie then apologizes to Alfred and stabs him in the chest. Bruce finds him and helps him and calls for an ambulance. A very touching scene and it looks like he is dying but it is false drama as we know Alfred will live for many years.

Red Hood #3 leads what is left of the gang to their next target and cop cars roll up and surround them. Red hood #3 starts laughing like a nut and opens fire. The cops all miss him but take down his crew. He runs out of ammo in his shot gun then goes for a pistol and gets gunned down. he is quite dead, and Gordon takes the mask while Bullock goes for a danish. Gordon then gets a call about Alfred and heads to the hospital.

Gordon arrives and Bruce is there in the room. Gordon comforts him as Alfred lies in a coma. Again, false drama.

Scene then shifts to the Wayne Board of Directors, and Reggie is in a suit and briefs the board about what intelligence Bruce has on them. The board gives him his payment and states they are done. Reggie warns them Bruce is just a kid, and they tell him good bye.

Meanwhile at the crime scene, some unknown kid picks up the discarded Red Hood and puts it on......

So now we will have Red Hood #4 and are no closer to learning who young Joker is, and that IS as it SHOULD BE.

1. This episode shows how wearing a mask can let someone alter their persona and cut loose a bit as their identity is concealed.

2. Though the first Red Hood was a bit Joker-esque, I knew it wouldn't be him even before he was gunned down. Red Hood 2 was too old and heavy to be an early Joker. Red Hood 3 was an idiot. Who knows about Red Hood #4 as he claimed the hood at the end.

Frankly I am surprised that Gordon tossed the hood aside when he dashed off to go to the hospital. That Red Hood is evidence. Granted anyone can feel inspired to make their own Red Hood but still....

Anyway one of the possible origins of the Joker is that the Red Hood gang over the years picks someone to wear the mask on the heists and appear as their leader while the gang really runs things.

The other possible origin of Joker is that he really WAS the latest Red Hood when he got dunked in the chemicals.

Either way it looks like the Jack Napier origin of the Joker from Tim Burton's movie is going to be tossed aside. Whoever becomes Joker later in the series (if it goes that long) will be someone whose face we DO NOT SEE until after he gets dunked in the chemicals, then rips the Red Hood off his head and starts laughing like crazy.

I suspect we will see many people wear the Red Hood during the series.

Worthless Barbara is trying to teach Selena how to use her beauty but she isn't listening at this time. Perhaps Barbara will somehow influence the early careers of Poison Ivy and Catwoman? Hope not.but I suppose they need to do something with her pathetic excuse for a character, and NO SHE WONT BE HARLEQUIN. The producers have made it clear that batman's rogues are in their early stages in this series and won't be suiting up until Batman finally arrives.

Fish Moony....okay seriously now, she needs to be killed. This whole subplot, while intriguing to a point is starting to wear thin for me. Now she acts all tough with these black market organ grinders and scoops out her left eye to show how all bad and tough she is. Just kill her.

Penguin seems to realize that he has a lot to learn and that Butch may very well help teach him.

Reggie was hired by the corrupt board of Wayne Enterprises, this did not surprise me. They needed someone that could get close to Alfred and Bruce. Reggie has taken photos of Bruce's evidence wall and read Bruce's notes about what little he has learned and has advised them that Bruce barely knows a thing. The board seems intent on taking Bruce out of the picture permanently, which again is no surprise. Alfred is indisposed and may die, Reggie advises the board that Bruce is a good kid but they ignore him.

Bruce hopefully has secret evidence not on display, and he'd better exercise his controlling interest in the company soon.

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