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Subj: GOTHAM March 2nd
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Alfred is awake, but won't rat out his old pal to Gordon.
Alfred attempts to rise from bed to hunt his old pal, but Bruce orders him back to bed.

Fish meets the Dollmaker and learns she has a replacement eye. She offers to become the new Lieutenant of the Dollmaker. Her eye works and it is blue.

Gordon learns that Detective Flass is cleared of charges, thanks to Commisioner Loeb blackmailing Bullock over the fact that once upon a time Bullock was forced to kill a mob punk like Gordon was once ordered to kill Cobblepot. Bullock tells Gordon that at least half the police force is blackmailed by Loeb, and Gordon refuses to surrender. Loeb also plans to make Flass the President of the police union

Nygma chats with his coworker again and tells her that Flass was released, and that Flass is a bad man. She tells him she knows there are better men then Flass and walks out, Nygma smiles.

Gordon talks with Dent. They plan to steal the evidence from Loeb, somehow. Gordon won't tell Dent what Loeb has on him. Dent then has an epiphany and he and Gordon confront Loeb's old police partner. They ask about Loeb's secret files, and they get the usual warning to back off. Gordon figures that Loeb has something on the guy and keeping him under his thumb. Dent offers the man a deal, he denies any knowledge but mentions they should hypothetically look up a Chinese bookie that Loeb once said was good at keeping secrets.

Fish walks with Dollmaker and they talk about making her his lieutenant. Dollmaker comments that he could just kill her, but she knows that he wont since he gave her a new eye. He makes her his lieutenant, but on probation of course until she proves herself. he shows her what happens to those that fail him and we see what is left of the office manager after having had parts removed and replaced....basically a partial sex change was done to him.

Bruce is with Alfred and Selina shows up to chat. She mentions that Ivy sneaks in to steal food at times and spotted Bruce and told her. She hugs Bruce and gives condolences about what happened. Bruce tells her of the meeting he had with the board and how it was Alfred's old friend that did it. Bruce wants to hunt the guy down, Selina offers to help and tells Bruce that he doesn't know how to find the guy.

Gordon and Dent enter a Chinese restaurant and seek out the bookie.
They ask him about Loeb, he denies anuthing and Dent makes it clear what can happen if he doesn't talk. He then gets a call and laughs at them. He then tells his people to draw their weapons and they wisely flee. Bullock arrives to get them away. They know they were set up by Loeb's old partner. Bullock then uses his own unique interrogation methods to get Loeb's old partner to talk. Turns out that Falcone has the information.

Gordon then realizes that only Cobblepot can aid them and they pay him a visit. Cobblepot outlines the risks of him aiding them and Gordon tells him that he will owe Cobblepot a favor, no questions asks. Cobblepot states that he wants 10 minutes alone with the files and he will aid them, Gordon tells him 5 minutes, no cop data and he owes him a favor.

The prisoners are suspicious of Fish and her long absence. She tell them she spoke with Dollmaker and as a show of good faith she orders the prisoner released then offers up two prisoners to the Dollmaker and reminds them that she stated some of them would die so that others could live.

Cobblepot, Gordon and Bullock arrive at where the files are stored, the farmer asks them if they are lost and lets them in for tea. Turns out Loeb bought the place 20 years ago and put them up in the place. He was a railroad worker and his wife used to work at Arkham. They claim to be there to inspect the place for Loeb. They hear footsteps upstairs and the farmers pull guns and start blasting. Farmer's wife is hurt, farmer appears to be dead.

They find a locked room upstairs and head into room and inside is a girl dancing to some music. She is Miriam Loeb!

Nygma asks her out but she declines, stating he has a dead with a cop. Hard to say if it was a real date or if she was lying but I'm guessing it was a lie. unhappy.

Gordon and Bullock talk to Miriam, turns out she has been up there for awhile and her father, Loeb, visits her on the weekends. Gordon thinks that Miriam witnessed her mother's death at the hands of Loeb years ago. She shows them that she is making jewelry out of bird bones......she's a bit crazy....

Gordon then asks her what she knows about her Mom's death. She states sometimes that good people make mistakes, that's what her father says. She then rambles about how she used a candlestick on her mother, Gordon and Bullock realize that Loeb is covering for her.

They get downstairs and the farmers have knocked down Penguin and have escaped. Miriam thinks Cobblepot looks like a bird.....she loves birds....

Gordon confronts Loeb and hands him one of Miriam's bone necklaces. he states she is sick and has urges and he dares Gordon to expose him. Loeb states he will resign immediately, Gordon tells him no and that his replacement would be another Falcone lapdog. Gordon tells him that Flass gets tried with full evidence against him and he wants the data files on the police. Loeb tells him he will give him Bullock's file, keep the rest, and Miriam stays on the farm. Gordon offers a condition, and thye hold a press conference where Loeb endorses Gordon for President of the Police Union!

Gordon then chats with Bullock and gives him the file that Loeb had on him. Bullock states how the good things done don't make up for bad things and warns him that Penguin will come asking for that favor one day.

At Penguin's place, it turns out the farmers are alive, and that Penguin let them escape but he only has one ticket for them to leave town and forces them to decide who gets the ticket. She then kills her husband and then asks what time the train comes. Penguin lifts up a shotgun and thanks her for her help as he was down to only one shell and blasts her!

Dollmaker talks with Fish and states that he is impressed with her. He welcomes her to upper management and the shows her the view from a window....a view that shows the Dollmaker is based on an island and that is why he doesn't fear her escaping.....

1. Bruce is tending to Alfred who of course will live. His wound while necessary to the story is still false drama since we know that Alfred and Bruce will live for many years to come.

2. Selina wants to help Bruce find Alfred's traitorous friend. An offer from her needs to be examined carefully since she has lied about seeing the Wayne's killer.

3. Fish is now part of the Dollmaker's upper management and has a new blue eye.

4. Gordon risks his integrity by making that deal with Penguin.

5. Penguin makes sure that Falcone doesn't know he was at the farm, unless Miriam babbles about seeing a bird-man.....

6. So Gordon has leverage on Loeb,......that is going to cause complications down the road, but per bat-history, Loeb is still commissioner when Batman first arrives.

7. Bullock is now free of Loeb's control and owes Gordon big time. Also I liked his method of getting the data from Loeb's old partner......

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