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Subj: Dectective Comics 953 Review
Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 at 05:55:43 pm EDT (Viewed 4 times)

What to say about this issue. It goes by fast. Lady Shiva's team takes down the Detective crew.

Ninjas chop up Clayface after he talks with Cassandra and gives her the works of Shakespeare because that's how he coped with his emotions. Batwoman runs to her father's prison and is stabbed by ninjas.

Commissioner Gordon is flown out of town on a helicopter per the order of the deputy mayor. Bats tells him that he won't allow anyone else to die. (More on this later).

We also see Cass looking at Bruce's sweet, sweet media center. I haven't seen that many screens since my last visit to Buffalo Wild Wings. (I kid, their wings suck.) She watches what appears to be video of Shiva and her Ninjas cutting up Gothamites. She's crying.

Flashback to her dad wearing a strange white outfit making her practice and telling her that no he doesn't smell of a woman he embraced with affection. That smell is from a woman he killed and there's is no weak-willed whore who cares for Cassandra. I think David Cain has issues. I'm just saying.

Cass then confronts Bruce, who needs a shave. She insists on being called Orphan and Bruce says that she may be the daughter of Cain and Shiva, but that doesn't have to define who she is.

We get her point of view during this confrontation - Cass vision as it were - and when she looks at Bruce his body is covered with dots, implying those are his weak spots. She attacks and he says he won't fight her. She insists and hits him, causing him to bleed. He is ultimately knocked off the ledge and grabs a gargoyle. I'm just so glad Gotham really embraced Art Deco.

Cass tracks down Mom. Demands answers. Shiva says we both see death, fight to kill and I'll give you the answers you want. Given the fact that Shiva could die in such a fight, I don't know who a corpse could talk, but that is me. I pick nits.

Cass pulls a Bruce and doesn't fight. Gets beat up and the Shiva ninjas drag her into the sewer through a manhole.

Bats gets an emergency call from Alfred. He rushes to the Batcave and finds Alfred out and Ra's Al Ghul there with a giant bodyguard.

Ra's tells Bruce buy the next Detective Comics and that's how you'll learn what my beef with Shiva is.

What I liked? Hard to say. Cass is such a closed off character, she is hard to get caught up in a story with. The way she's been written makes it very hard to get a sense of who she is and what she wants. DC has really screwed up her character in the past as a result (See the issues where she becomes an assassin for real. It took like three mini-series to try and walk her back from that).

I like that Bruce won't fight her. I don't get the point of why she won't fight Shiva. Is that the lesson she learned from Bruce? Family doesn't fight. It seems to me that Cass would be frustrated and that frustration would result in a fight. Tynion would then have the opportunity to show us how that frustration informed by Cass' fighting abilities.

Would they distract her and make her vulnerable? Would the the frustration make her mad and she would lose control and maybe try to kill without wanting to?

This issue passed quickly and the shots of the team being taken down could have been accomplished in one page. Then we could have had a great fight scene between Shiva and Cass, with action informing character.

As it is, we are purposely being kept in the dark about motivations. Why does Shiva want Cass to fight her. Does Shiva have a true death wish. What is Shiva's desire for Cass? We don't know.

Ra's Al Ghul has a beef with Shiva. That's all we know. Does he need Bruce to take Shiva down? Is he secretly pitting the two against each other?

Instead of setting up the pieces before hand and then letting action unfold organically as a result of what's been set up and how characters act as a result of the situation, we get a story that can be described as Ra's and Shiva have a feud for reasons. Shiva creates chaos and goes after Cass for reasons. Cass is on her own, and Ra's shows up in the Batcave. This is a short description for three issues worth of stuff.

Nit picks. I am that guy. I hate seeing 100 pound women throw people who tower over them like they are rag dolls. Physics don't work that way and that really takes me out of the story. I don't care how well Shiva is trained, there's no way she can catch Bruce's punch and throw him over her shoulder. He's too well trained for that. He just is. There's a reason they have weight limits in wrestling, boxing etc.

Writer, think of ways that women can beat me that show me you've done your homework.

But that's me, I could be wrong.

But DC stop having Batman always need a shave. Adam West was my first Batman, he was always impeccably groomed. To me, having whiskers shows that's he's sloppy and be neglectful, not that he's been too busy to shave. Shaving shows that he is paying attention to detail and keeping up his standards.

Ulimately I feel like this run of Detective doesn't need four issues to tell the story it want's to tell. It could be done in an annual.

Also, have characters talk to each other. Give us a sense of what they feel and why.

What is Kate feeling when going to check on her father? Does she love him, are her feelings mixed. What does her father feel? Why are they in prison without a trial? What does that tell us about Bruce? (Nothing good.)

What is Bruce going through? Steph walked away and Tim is thought dead. He is about to lose another sidekick What is this situation doing to him? Is he angsting about losing yet another kids?

Also, no writer should ever write Bruce saying yet again "No one else will die." It's not true, we all know it and it's about as overplayed as "Gotham is my city, get out stranger who I will eventually begin to mentor until the editors decide to take me back to basics and make a loner, thus leaving all sorts of popular characters with nothing to do until new writers bring them back into my life because they read me with those characters 10 years ago when they were young." (I will concede that phrase is a lot of subtext, but you guys know I'm right).

Thought balloons aren't bad things. They tell story and reveal character.

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