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Subj: Who Knows Batman's Secret Identity In The New 52?
Posted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 at 05:39:46 pm EDT (Viewed 286 times)

Currently, do we have a list or a count? I know that the Bat-family knows it (Of course.), and I bought the first issue of the current Bane storyline, and Bane SEEMS to know it ( I guess that he retained his knowledge from Knightfall?), as does Catwoman (Not sure how?). Alfred, of course. Does anyone Else? How about Clayface, anyone from the Justice League, any other villains (Does Ras still know? I would assume so.)? I think that only a select few should really know. Dick, Tim, Alfred and Leslie, Ras and Talia and a few other characters. It seems like everyone used to know, and I didn't really care for that. Either that, or I always thought that his secret identity should just be made public. Thanks for the help, all.