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Subj: Detective Comics #996: Tiff? Metamalgamonster? Trainers? It's a Miracle?
Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 at 06:46:55 pm EST (Viewed 264 times)

Detective Comics 996

Gimmick cameo roll call of Batman's Rogue Gallery. 9 big names alive and ready (and rehabilitating *koff*) for the next writer to recycle them as the villain du jour.

Damian taking care of Alfred. That is seriously nice. (His ears are drawn NOT nice.)

Robin and Batman still have a troubled and estranged relationship. Can somebody REMIND ME why/when Damian got so ticked with Bruce???

Leslie's death is just another reason to add to the list of reasons for Batman to continue to be ugly and brutal, as opposed to dark and daring, with his methods of dealing with all the smucks who cross his path.

For some odd reason he chose to reprise his Matches Malone persona, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY mind you, among a cavalcade of cosplay to investigate who's gunning for him.

I get he is role playing as different people, but what is Matches Malone doing in the last panel?

He mistakenly accuses Henri Ducard after beating him silly. He thought it revenge for the footnoted death of his son Morgan (who is "Nobody" in Syral, right?). Then before Henri goes MIA, the two team-up against a blobish amalgamatoid metahuman who is probably lackey to the mystery big bad. Reportedly, it might be this guy they fought:

He improperly goes to Kirigi after beating his last disciple Kyodai Ken silly. Bats is just checking up on potential targets now that he believes he has deduced the true big bad motive. Apparently, Kirigi is listed as one of MANY (Dozens?) of people who have trained Bruce at some point before becoming a crimefighter. Are these names accurate for that list (in this new REBIRTH timeline?):

    Trainer Names found online:
    >Henri Ducard
    >Harvey Harris
    >David Cain
    >Ra's Al Ghul
    >Mister Miracle?

For the epilogue, Bats goes to check on somebody unexpected: Mister Miracle! Mister Miracle?! And not the New God who's currently DEAD but some guy name Thaddeus Brown who is completely unfamilar to me! Who dat???

nb. 95ยบ in parts of New Mexico AT NIGHT.

Generally, some good art action art throughout. What did you think?

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