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Subj: Batman 65 review
Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 at 09:58:58 am EST (Viewed 238 times)

Nice art with a confusing story that features characters acting out of character. Also a lot of "on the nose" dialog.

The issue starts with Gotham Girl imaging that she had a cool origin and killed the mugger that attacked her family (don't worry, Batman saved the day).

We cut to Flash and Batman fighting a lot of people who have taken the magic juice, but are now burning out, literally, from using their powers too much. Flash runs away with Batman, while in the background we see the other "heroes" burning up.

Flash yells at Batman, runs to Central City to see Iris and deal with the death of Wally. (I am not familiar with this story). Then Gotham Girl shows up and chastises Flash for abandoning Batman.

She says it's not heroic. Then some sort of clone or double or doppleganger of her brother shows up. He says he and his sister just didn't study Batman, they studied the Flash and liked his powers, but really liked his optimism. Then he uses he powers for . . . reasons and burns out.

GG gets mad and gets ready to kill the Flash when Batman shows up. Apparently the distance between Gotham and Central City is such that a really fast jet can go from one city to another in like five minutes.

Bats says he's sorry, and that he knows he's hurt her (why, I don't know. It seems like that his mere existence causes pain).

This is where we get the "on the nose" dialog. GG says, and I quote "There you go again, making it all about you. Don't you get it, this is my story Batman, not yours. You need to learn you can't control everything. Not everything is about you."

Bats says "Doing what we do, living this life is hard. Wanting to be a hero is very different than the reality of living the life. I should have showed you that."

Aside from Bats using the word everything two sentences in a row, this dialog is so on the nose. It completely lacks subtly. Also when did Bats really ever show GG anything. I seem to recall that she realized that she had to stop and did.

She then takes extra GG juice and starts glowing. End of issue.

I found this issue confusing, in part, because I haven't been following the larger Watchmen are coming plot in DC Comics. Also we have no idea who is manipulating GG (its Bane) and how the juice got to so many people. She said that her bro burned out again because he was dead when he got more super juice. That seems to be beyond Bane's skill set.

As to the message of being a hero is hard. Well duh. It would be nice if King did more than show that being Bats is hard and the mere presence of heroes causes more trouble. He has even weaponized optimism and shown how optimism can inspire people to acts of self destruction.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. King has serious issues.

But the art was nice, even if Bats needed a shave.

Or I could be wrong.

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