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Subj: Nightwing #28
Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 at 09:10:56 pm EDT (Viewed 257 times)

Nightwing #28

> writer Scott Lobdell and artist Christopher Mooneyham. The preview, seen in the attached image gallery, features a cover by Mooneyham as well as a variant from Tyler Kirkham. In the issue, The Joker’s Daughter is back! Or is she? While she wasn’t shot in the head like Nightwing, Duela Dent might be facing an identity crisis even more traumatic than Ric Grayson’s. Fortunately the new Nightwings are doing their best to protect Blüdhaven—learning as they go—allowing Ric to try to help steer Duela away from the life of a homicidal zealot of the crazy Clown Prince of Crime!

> This could be a particularly interesting story, since the transition between Robin and Nightwing all those years ago was marked by the decision to distinguish and separate himself from his father figure (Batman), and here he has a chance to encourage the sometimes-good, sometimes-bad Joker's Daughter to do the same. Also interesting: the most widely-read story to feature the Joker's Daughter in recent years was likely Countdown to Final Crisis, which centered largely around Jason Todd, the other Robin to walk away from Batman.


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