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Subj: Batman/Catwoman 6 Review
Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2021 at 11:42:24 am EDT (Viewed 103 times)

I give this a 3.

To be fair to King, all his weaknesses are on display. Letting public domanin writing do the heavy lifting? Check. (See use of Christmas carols). Pretty art surrounded by few words, check. Having characters both not talk about emotions while keeping other characters in the dark? Check. Have action be there but not actually contribute to the forward momentum of the story? Check. Have an assumed previous knowledge of characters be pivotal to the understanding of the story? Check.

This story is terrible. We are halfway through this 12 issue run and we know nothing. Bats is dead and Cats killed the Joker in the future. In the past Andrea Beaumont wants to kill the Joker because the Joker killed her son. Bats, of course, won't let that happen. In the present, the Joker and Catwoman are talking about stolen Christmas ornaments and Catwoman asks "Am I a good person?" Why anyone would ask the Joker that is beyond understanding.

This, of course, is another King trope. Characters just sitting around asking am I a good person. This gets tiring. It's also too on the nose. A story that explores that theme shouldn't be explicitly stating "This is the theme." And in order for King to do what he does, he has to have characters act uncharacteristically.

Joker and Catwoman were never friends. The Joker has no friends. The very idea that he would have anything remotely resembling normal social interaction is absurd. It's not the character, and more importantly, it destroys the mystery of the character. It takes the Joker from being an unknowable force of chaos to a mere character with a point of view, a dangerous point of view, but a point of view, nonetheless.

And Selena killing the Joker in the future? So what? He apparently was hiding out in a Florida trailer park for retirees and had grandchildren? Huh? Again, not the Joker. I don't even have the time to explain how stupid that is. But let me say that treating the Joker like a normal character totally misses the point of the Joker.

And speaking of missing the point of the character. Can anyone tell me about Andrea Beaumont? Of Course not. King has explained nothing about her. All we know comes from a 28-year-old cartoon. If you haven't seen that, you're screwed. Her character is just there, and King again is letting other writers do the heavy lifting. He's done nothing.

And his great moral conundrum of do we kill the Joker. It's been done to death. The answer is of course you do. No matter how many times you lock him up, he gets out and kills dozens or thousands more. To keep him alive is to condemn innocents to death. Keeping him alive because it's wrong to kill is vanity. But he sell comics and writers apparently like stories where he kills thousands. I don't, I like the battle of wits side of the story. But that gets lost in the futile "we have to up the stakes and I am too poor of a writer to actually write an intelligent battle of wits, so I will kill thousands and have Bats virtually stumble across the Joker and have a punch out where the Joker taunts Batman before getting clobbered."

This writing is terrible. And having future Selena put on an old Catwoman costume that is unflattering to a senior citizen and ask her daughter to fight crime isn't the plot point that King seems to think it is.

King gets to write future Helena Wayne and then tells us nothing about her other than she's gay, because of course she is. He's woke. I am going to sound like one of those guys, and if you condemn me, fair enough. But you can't have a character be gay and then do nothing with that. Explain the point of view, show how being gay matters and doesn't matter. How being gay informs the character's world view and how the character handles this fact in a world where being gay is hard because of old goats like me, who say they are enlightened but could probably use a good talking to. If you don't do that, and if you're story doesn't allow you to do that, then it's just woke window dressing. No points from me.

One of the big themes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier MCU show was about being black. The Falcon/Cap is a black character, not a character who is black. These details matter.

I could go on. A terrible issue in a terrible mini-series.

Or I could be wrong.

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