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Subj: Meanwhile in MAURADERS #13...
Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2020 at 06:33:15 pm EDT (Viewed 336 times)

(If only it wasn't tied into this X-Swords/Krakoa hot mess, eh!)

Marauders 013

A LOT OF Wakandan Worldbuilding!
"Stealing" Storm spotlight!
Guest appearances by the key Black Panther cast!
Introduction of a new ancient MU artifact sword: SKYBREAKER!

Vita Ayala wrote this issue of Marauders and it would be interesting to see how muct free reign and Editorial-free creativity of all that happens in the present and past of this ish.

Nice cover only slightly ruined by Jean being on it. And nice nostalgia with the sidebar Nuff Said historic key comic reading historical moments with Storm.

Despite Black Panther's X-accomodating and magnanimous gesture. Storm premeditated stealing the blade and even went through with it. Sad. Desperate and unheroic, eh. Who thinks Jen Walters or Matt Murdock could arguably eould even get her a not guilty verdict?

Is this the first time that the "first Black Panther"'s name, OLUMO, was revealed? How 'bout "The Nation Maker", "The Panther Claws", "The King's Mercy"? Is "The Temple of the Heart" new? And what did you glean from that Origin of the Wakandan Mound of Vibranium and the subsequent African Nation that reaps such rewards from the Finders Keepers Rule?

Other notable online fourchannel blurbs BY OTHERS that are copypasta for rebuttal:

    > Do they have to stand there until everyone got their swords?

    > that Onslaught survivor quote... Huh.

    > I'm going to assume all these fetch quests are more or less happening concurrently

    > I do appreciate that they've allowed artists to use whatever design for the characters they want with the explanation that they've all got wardrobes.

    > Storm looks good in white. She should return to it full time

    > Storm's schtick from the start is that she's some weird omniracial world baby

    > Saturnyne said the tournament is in 3 days though, so unless it took Polaris 2-3 days to make the circle then only 1 day should have passed.

    > Captain America is kinda being released, but BP is in limbo. There are like 2/3 issues left as BP is going to be cancelled anyway.

    > I hate BP / Storm pairing, so I wouldn't mind it being unreleased

    > is this original black panther of 1 million bc ???

    > I dont think vibranium works that way in flashbacks

    > Ororo should wear that leortard in Krakoa, and it doesn’t make any sense for her and all the mutants to wear costumes all day

    > Wakanda has NEVER discriminated against mutants?! Can somebody fact check on that please

    > It is so Event convoluted if T'Challa does not get the Avengers involved now that he knows.

    > So if finding these swords is so damn important, WTF did Wolverine try to find his all on his own? Storm's sword is known but why aren't there multiple teams of X-Men scouring the world looking for Muramasa and the other swords?

    > Gentle got treated like garbage, not because he was a mutant though, but because he was a russian half-breed.

    > Of course Ro was planning to steal it. Her kind is prone to that.

    > I like how straight to the point Storm is with the Royal family.

    > I like seeing Wakandan world backstory that is more about their past then their present.

    > So Storm only had to wait like 6 hours and T'Challa would have just given her the sword. What an idiot.

    > How the hell is Saturnyne keeping them in check? More powerful than Ororo's Omega Level rating? Appears that Saturnyne has gotten a huge power boost off-panel. It probably has something to do with what happend to Otherworld in the lead-up to Secret Wars.


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