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Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 02:24:07 am EST
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Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 08:56:55 am EST

Ditko, yes. Jerry Siegel started the superhero vibe and was very much in support of FDR, as were most of those following suit, it was the depression and war these were young guys he was there hero.

true about the '50's but flash forward to Lee and Kirby. kirby was an admitted left leaner if not full on democrat, this was never more aparant then in fourth world. Lee was also rather left leaning. they condemned pollution, prejudice in all it's forms, also Peter Parker condemned the vietnam war and was very often shown supporting protesters, Cap even agreed to it, and questioned the wisdom ofbeing part of the establishment and agreeing it was a good idea after saying it spawned Martin Luther king Jr. and the kennedy brothers. The left leaning is why college kids attached themselves to it in the late '60's. seiously look at Silver Surfer.

The '70's think about it, these were former protesters, hippies and heads, Englehart hinted at one of his great cap villians being Nixon. Starlin, Wolfman, O'neil... come on how left wing were they in the Green Lantern/Green arrow series GA was the one who came out like a rose 9 times out of 10. Steve Gerber's writing especially man-thing was so left leaning I'm surprised it didn't have a limp. Starlin was really anti-establishment in a lot of ways.

the 80's had Dematteis writing cap taking a stand for gay rights with Arnie Roth and having Cap be friends and agree on many levels with a pacifist, even slightly lashing out at Nomad for falling him a coward. Dematteis was and is really still quite the drugless hippie. Miller took all kinds of shots at Reagan, especially in DKR. Chris Claremont was very pushing with a lot of left ideas in X-Men. Ann Nocenti got hate mail for being too left leaning

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