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Subj: The New Cap - my thoughts, such as they are...
Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 at 10:19:27 am CDT
Reply Subj: Re: Death of Captain America: Part 2
Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2007 at 12:21:36 pm CDT

The big question which seems to being asked a lot is: "Should Captain America be armed?"

The new Captain America (insert "New Coke" joke here, I suppose) isn't what the readers want him to be, he's what the character is. If the character is accepted by the readers, then groovy, he might stick around for awhile. If he is highly disliked, he'll be a flash in the pan, and we'll perhaps get another incarnation.

Steve Rogers was himself widely conflicted on the subject of self-defense, but he made the choice to engage in constant life-threatening activites without resorting to deadly force because he could; because the Super-Soldier Formula gave him one heck of an edge, which, coupled with his training and sense of strategy and tactics, let that decision stand, for the most part, when he wasn't engaged in wartime activities. Did Cap kill? Gruenwald's statements aside, the question is ludicrous - of course he did, both in WWII and in the modern era (what, you think that HYDRA base he just blew up was totally evacuated? C'mon...). He didn't WANT to kill, he thought of it as a last resort for himself and other super-powered fellows like Iron Man or Thor. However, he never chastised Nick Fury for packing heat. If this Captain America carries a knife and gun, you can bet that its because they're combat tools, and as the man says, "Better you than me" in the case of lethal force; I doubt its a meta in the uniform.

Having said that... someone wrote:

> Now all he has to do is wave his gun around to accomplish his goals.

Right, because thats been SO successful for SHIELD and other law enforcement agencies.

The original concept of Captain America was that of a powered soldier; I view the commando equipment as getting back to that. Whether or not he uses a knife and gun is problematic; how he uses them is more important. The contention that somehow because he carries a knife and gun makes him a Bushie right-wing military thug is unwarranted, and you imply that New Cap, because he carries them, won't think strategically or do the Right Thing. Every day in the USA, law enforcement officers talk people way from violent confrontation without drawing or using a weapon; the point to having them is when you cannot avoid the confrontation, is to make sure the right person comes out on top. Granted, talking down a confrontation probably makes a lousy comic, but the abuses - and there are - are far, far outweighed by the hundreds of good cops who do the Right Thing every day.

I think that folks are being excessively harsh on a concept from a visual. Wait to see how they've crafted the character, and his actions, before dismissing him as some hyped-up brutal stooge.

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