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Anyone remember that small adjunct of that 70s Captain America Secret Empire storyline, ...that Committee to Regain American Principles. A Tv commentator, Quentin Harderman would go on air and scare the public into thinking Cap was an Unlawful Vigilante brute. He also ran edited footage of Cap ignoring Police.

Imagine what Harderman would be nowadays? On some News network badmouthing Captain America, making unfounded comments on superheroes, rooting for a thug, and running edited footage of Captain America to suit his statements.

Something to add to Cap's problems, storylines, ideas, and more hurdles to rebuild his reputation and authority.

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Unfortunately, it sounds like a rehash of vintage J. Jonah Jameson.

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Yes, a rehash of Jonah Jameson, ...but Jameson is LIKEABLE. Fun to have around. Someone like a mentor and father-figure to Parker.

Harderman is NOT LIKEABLE. Makes comments and research to suit his agenda, point out problems with Captain America, ...says things Cap doesn't like, ...essentially a jerk.

But this is Free Speech, as long as his comments don't incite hate, panic, riots, etc. Captain America has to defend (Actually put up with it) his rights to comment.

Back then, Cap panicked a lot, made mistakes and reacted emotionally. He's not perfect.
I thought maybe the writers, editors and artists might come up new problems and Cap's reaction and solutions to deal with unlikeable and harmful views to him and America in today's time.

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There is sort of already a character like that. But he already has a nemesis... Ben Urich

In Siege: Embedded, there is a pundit names Todd Keller, who really loved Norman Osborn when he ran Hammer, and Norman was a fan as well. In fact, he was such a fan that he was brought along to the siege of Asgard.

A better story than Siege itself, if you ask me.

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Nah. They were CRAP

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