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Subj: Anything on the Commission on Superhuman activities???
Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2020 at 10:59:47 am EST (Viewed 297 times)

Remember/Recall that Commission on Superhuman activities, ...that group of stodgy old military men that demanded Steve Rogers to work for them because it was American Government that created 'Captain America'. And Rogers gave up the uniform, identity and shield (Then they made John Walker Captain America).

They could be back, ... helmed by new people, put in during Civil war, Hydra-Cap period, ... to shape and control the future of superhumans in the Marvel universe. Put in/appointed by a government-party or special interest groups or even a mastermind supervillian (Like the Skull).

It would explain how a known criminal like the Kingpin became Mayor, that group of 'Nukes' superhumans, outlawing underage superpeople, ... or even how a power vampire ran unchecked in America.