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Subj: United States Of Captain America #5: Chintzy...
Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2021 at 03:43:46 pm EDT (Viewed 301 times)

In the voice of Oprah Winfrey...
"YOU get a CAP! And YOU get a CAP! And YOU get a CAP! And YOU get a CAP! And YOU get a CAP!..."

It's like the 50-State Initiative: Chintzy Caps Corps...
United States Of Captain America 005 (of 5)

If you want the definition of "JOBBING" you don't need the dictionary or the CBMB -- Just read this finale to see the defeat of the combined forces of super soldier: Commander Krieger(name challenged Warrior Woman), SINful Arch Enemy Legacy: Superior, and powerful metaphysical rabble rousing canonical entity: Hate Monger, all, essentially defeated by a gathered handful of punching teenage Junior Sentinel of Liberty wannabes.

Meanwhile, evil supervillain Speed Demon gets a sympathetic ear 'cuz he hates Nazis as much as Magneto does. Avengers Academy gets namedropped - but remains shuttered (over 10yrs now?). USAgent brings real finger breaking damage *koff* to the enemy.

And now, with all these Cap stand-ins, maybe Stever Rogers will take time to meet his true potential as a Master Hypnotist if he can manage to figure out how his "magical" iconic shield was used to enthrall anyone in the United States. Next, there's this:

Did you find this finale to be a bit chintzy? Or was it to the Nines like here:
Speaking of 'chintzy' the new banner submission attached is from the ish.


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