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Subj: Comic Battle Board Survivor Winner
Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 at 09:27:22 am CDT (Viewed 6 times)
Reply Subj: Fights (mostly) inspired by Battle Board Survivor results
Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 at 09:53:53 am CDT

It’s over. As the dust settles, the victor, the sole Survivor emerges... the Mighty Thor! Thor wins with 27 votes to Black Adam’s 12.

Thanks to all the people who voted. Here is a recap of your 18 days worth of voting. We started with 25 characters on each tribe and then eliminated two per day until we merged the tribes into one once there were 26 characters left. Below is the order of elimination from each tribe. Those eliminated in the same round are ranked by who got more votes cast against them that round with the tiebreaker being who got the most votes cast against them the previous round (or rounds if the previous round was a tie too). The number after the character’s name indicates how many votes were cast against them when they were voted out.

Tribe DC
#25 Cheetah, 13
#24 Red Tornado, 10
#23 Starman, 7
#22 Metamorpho, 4
#21 Lobo, 5
#20 Lex Luthor (in armor), 5
#19 Firestorm, 8
#18 Zatanna, 7
#17 Green Lantern (John Stewart), 6
#16 Flash (Wally West), 5
#15 Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), 8
#14 Zoom, 5

Tribe Marvel
#25 Polaris , 7
#24 Thing, 6
#23 Storm, 4
#22 Wonder Man, 4
#21 Cable (normal), 7
#20 She-Hulk, 5
#19 Emma Frost, 7
#18 Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell), 4
#17 Rogue, 5
#16 Ms. Marvel, 4
#15 Ghost Rider, 11
#14 Invisible Woman, 8

Merged Tribe
#26 Vision, 11
#25 Sub-Mariner, 7
#24 Mary Marvel, 7
#23 Iron Man, 7
#22 Green Lantern (Alan Scott), 8
#21 Brainiac, 7
#20 Hercules, 9
#19 Power Girl, 8
#18 Magneto, 9
#17 Dr. Doom, 9
#16 Firelord, 14
#15 Sinestro, 13
#14 Martian Manhunter, 12
#13 Mon-El, 12
#12 Wonder Woman, 12
#11 Hulk, 12
#10 Juggernaut, 14
#9 Supergirl, 12
#8 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), 19
#7 Dr. Strange, 16
#6 Black Bolt, 18
#5 Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), 18
#4 Superman, 24
#3 Silver Surfer, 19
#2 Black Adam, 27
#1 Thor

Some personal observations: I think generally the voting is a pretty accurate representation of how overall effective these characters are. Individually, I think we would all nitpick quite a few of them being a few spots higher or lower, but I can imagine many people giving good counterarguments for why they should be where they are. I will, however, point out what I think are the most egregious lapses. Most prominent is Lobo, who I think should have ranked at least as high as Hercules (#20), but Lobo didn’t even get close to making the merge (the top 26), going out the same round as Lex Luthor (in his armor)! The other character I think is too low is actually Magneto. He’s consistently beaten or stalemated entire teams of X-Men, Avengers, and the Fantastic Four, and should have landed around Juggernaut, Hulk, and Wonder Woman (#10-12) instead of #18. And I think Wonder Woman should have landed in front of Supergirl (even though I think Kara, and Power Girl for that matter, have more raw power than Diana). Sinestro surprised me by landing at #15 in front of Firelord. I would have placed him right below Alan Scott (#22). Finally, I’m a big Thor fan, but in trying to be objective, I would have put Superman at #1. He is indisputably DC’s go-to-guy when all the chips are down. That role might come most naturally to Thor in Marvel, but one could make a good case for the Silver Surfer or even the Hulk. In DC, Supes is THE guy.

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