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Just wanted to say that if Marvel actually has decided to reveal to us that the Sentry is tapping into and using the very power of "God"...

That it would NOT be shown as being merely another one of the Skyfathers over on Marvel earth, as one of the "gods" of Mankind, but that it is the real Marvel "God" TOAA...

Prefer that Marvel would stay out of showing us God there, as they have for a long time established that the Marvel Universe is NOT set up along the more traditional religios lines of the DCU...

If the Sentry story bring God back into the fold, don't water Him down...

have Him actually be the "god" of Marvel, TOAA, not as another Zeus or Odin!

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....because I am sick of seeing the exact same thread worded slightly differently posted seventeen times a day.

Seriously JF, I usually like your topics but you are spamming the hell out of the board with this one. Half of them aren't even on-topic for the Battle Board to be honest.


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