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Scarlet Witch (non-cosmic), She-Hulk (pre-current power-up), Binary, Sersi (top portrayal), Photon, Jocasta and Moondragon (no gem)


JLA Big 7

Who wins?

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Round 1:

Binary and Superman fight for a long time.

Sersi beats Wonder Woman. Sersi just does to Wonder Woman what she does to Thanos in the attached scan.

Photon beats Green Lantern. Her light form just flies at the speed of light through his shields and zaps him.

Martian Manhunter beats Moondragon.

Flash beats Scarlet Witch.

She-Hulk edges Aquaman.

Jocasta beats Batman.

Round 2:

Binary, She-Hulk, and Jocasta beat Superman.

Top portrayal Sersi beats Martian Manhunter.

Photon beats Flash.

How to make an entrance:
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That version of She-Hulk overpowered Jane Foster Thor in the same series where she was performing all those crazy, cosmic-level feats and where she was demonstrating crazy strength (like ripping through adamantium).

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