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Tongan Giant

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A Cataclysmic event has happened. The Earth has been targeted by an Alien Armada and is destroyed along with nearly all life. The hero's using the last of there power have managed to save 10 Supers to help survive. They are teleported to an unhabitated world with the last 100 standard people and plants and wildlife.

You task:-

Please select 10 Supers, 5 male and 5 female.
2 Heralds, 2 Prime Metas, 2 Enhanced Metas, 2 Metas and 2 Streets.
You need to kickstart this world to be habitable and regrow all over.
Please say why you think your picks would suit in this world.

EG:- Storm - Enhanced Meta - Her weather powers will help grow new crops.
Black Adam - Herald - With a steel hand he ruled over Kahndaq and they loved him for it. He knows how to run a country and make it his own.
Hercules - Prime Meta - His legendary skills will come in trumps in this new world since he has years of experience to teach. Also his strength will be a good job with Manual Labour for rebuilding.

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Silver Surfer: He can manipulate matter and so form whatever is needed, particularly materials that would otherwise be difficult to come by.

Wonder Woman: Because this is a universe where alien invasions can happen, you need a defense team and Diana would lead it.

Flash: He gets whatever needs to be done fast like building homes, retrieving materials, or hunting.

Storm: Her weather control makes life a lot easier, prevents weather-related disasters, create rain showers to provide water, and can help with agriculture

Human Torch: Johnny joins Wonder Woman on the defense team.

M: As a telepath, Monet can help with survivor's guilt and depression after genocide. She also has a genius intellect and all-around versatility in her powers.

Kara Plast: She can control and manipulate plants so she can accelerate crop growth for food consumption.

Reed Richards: Super intelligence in cooperation with Norrin's molecular rearrangement abilities means very quick creation of advanced technology and tools

Captain America: You need a charismatic leader with untarnishable integrity to create trust and that's Steve.

Mr. Terrific: Another super genius who can invent, plan, and fight as needed.

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