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Marvel Heavy Metal come after the JLA Big 7

Dr Doom and Ultron bring together a team of Heavy Metal from the Marvel Multiverse to take down the JLA Big 7 then the DC Earth

Round 1 Marvel Heavy Metal versus the JLA Big 7

The Destroyer (Driven by Dr Doom)
Vision (Original Evil version)
Human Torch (Android)
Super Adaptoid (With the base powers of Cap, Thor, Ironman, Hawkeye, Giant man, Black Panther, Wasp)

Round 2 Marvel Heavy Metal beats the JLA Big 7 and begin to take on the balance of DC Earth based heroes but added to their numbers are…

1000 Doombots (The ones that look and act like Doom, having Doom’s superior strength, speed, and armor, they can fly with their jetpacks, and shoot lightning from their fingertips. All commanded by Doom.

2000 Sentinels Mark VII models commanded by Nimrod

Can the JLA Big stop Doom and Ultron’s Heavy Metal before they try to take over the DC Earth?
Who would win and how?

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Your team is overkill has destroyer and Super Adoptoid by themselves beat Jla!

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Marvel wins round 1. Unless somehow, Martian Manhunter is able to make Doom switch sides. Has that ever happened? A telepath finds the mind behind the person powering the Destroyer and manipulates it? Is that even possible?

There are no other minds for Martian Manhunter to control. And Human Torch android can exploit his fire weakness. There is a lot of power on the Marvel side.

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