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the story was just bad, the charecters was boring and didn't seem that powerful,in #4 they sort of did but in the fights they seemed ordinary.

the end was just meh

it should have been WAY better with big flashy fights and deeper charecters and i was disappointed.

the rocket racoon and groot was bad and stupid as well.

DNa can write way better then that.

let's hope the next story will deliver.

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very disappointed in Annihilators. Very poor story

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Annihilators is a dumb name for those who chose to come together to protect. The story was bad and the art was horrible, but the thing that bothered me the most is how phoney it felt. So, BRB is cool with Surfer now after Godkiller? Come on!!

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Annihilation - great, redefined the cosmic crossover event

conquest - hot on the heels of success, ok but not as good

War of Kings - back in stride, great action and story

Realm of Kings - still not sure what the story was

Thanos Imperative - "cancer-verse" and evil counterparts....Infinity War anyone?

Annihilators - People will still read a beautiful- looking tale, but you can't polish a turd.

Chaos War - PAK realises that the cosmic crossover ain't as simple as it seems.

Recipe for cosmic greatness:
Take some great characters and create a good deal of menace. Add in some great action, solid characterisation and a twist. Even add some humour. Have the victory be bittersweet and perhaps be a game changer or new status quo. characters don't have to die, but can be put to rest for a while. probably the same anyway!

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annihilation, and everything that came after, was far better than the big marvel earth cross overs that we get once or twice a year. there's way too many earth based cross overs. new york city has been destroyed how many times in the last few of years? they suck.

also, i don't lump chaos war in with the rest of the recent cosmic events.

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