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Subj: The reshaping of a iconic character : Galactus
Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 at 06:51:30 am EDT (Viewed 24 times)

I propose today to make a remodeling (This is done much nowadays ) of a character emblematic of the cosmic universe of Marvel: Galactus.
This character was created in a much more naive era (1966) and has practically not evolved graphically, while it has been degraded over time.
Step 1: Let's go back to basics; what is the concept of Galactus?

* Galactus is an incredibly old entity. One can not even imagine what he has seen and experienced during these billion years.
* He possesses a knowledge and power which is of several orders above that of superheroes. I will not speak of omnipotence as it was in the 60s and 70s, but it remains that we should be before the incomprehensible.
* He has a unique foreign relationship to mortals and even immortals of lower rank.
* He has access to the abstracts which certainly surpass him in scope and knowledge.
* He is the contemporary, as old as Time, brother of Life and Death.
* He can travel in the white area outside the universe.
* The two preceding points originate from the fact that he possesses / is the "cosmic power". He is not a creature but a cosmic elemental.
* He is also creator / holder of a "supreme" weapon cosmic annihilator. This two points have never been actually clarified.
* Galactus is not just a powerful entity but has a role and a curse: it is the necessary evil.
Step 2: Recognition of the situation

* From the beginning the character of Galactus has always been portrayed as too human. It is basically a human 30 meters in armor with a very human ego. It’s maybe ok in 1970 but I don’t think it’s a good design today.
* Very rarely have the authors of Marvel managed to "show" the power gap. This is often reduced to rays emerging from the eyes, without great effects. We could see Galactus coming to the hands and boxing with the In-Betweener (sigh!!). You end up thinking that the Silver Surfer is more powerful than his master. It’s the same for the knowledge and wisdom.
* Galactus is often used unnecessarily as a standart meter of the new cosmic threat of the day.
Additionally he was beaten more or less intelligently by virtually all that characters of the Marvel universe except maybe Aunt May.
Step 3: My vision of the character.
What I would like to get is not easy for the writers and designer, I am aware of.
* I would cease that to always give a human form to Galactus, I will try to infuse this totally "other" aspect of this entity. This was done once timidly in StormBreaker Saga 2005 where Beta Bill Ray sees an indistinct form slowly transform into the Galactus that we know. Wouaou is new I had thought at the time.
* Galactus should be the incarnation of a VIS Canis majoris level star. ( A level out of proportion with all things known. We saw a glimpse in the arc of the annihilation wave where the Galactus’ rage explodes sweeping planets. That simple :GALACTUS IS NOT A GIANT HUMAN OF FLESH AND BLOOD WHICH CAN BE DEVOURED BY ZOMBIES !!
* Beyond that one must show that the cosmic power gives the control of diversified powers, telepathy, telekinesis, tempokynesis, teleportation, transmutation etc ...
* Even if the authors choose to give human form to Galactus in his interactions with the superheroes; It is essential that they stop making him talk like you or me (why not tweet while we are there, he’s not an US president !!). Telepathy should be the mode of communication.
Stop also to show him with to human emotion. he’s billion years old dammit he can be human.
* His hunger must not be like mortals the need to regain energies but simply the expression of his curse and his role. Devouring a planet should not the condition of his power but just be an obligation to be in accord with its nature. No more depletion of his power !!
* Moreover the Galactuses of the parallel universes should only reflections of the central Galactus.
* Finally I would stop putting Galactus in a position to be ridiculously beaten.