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Subj: With This New Cosmic Order, Does Anyone Know The Status Of Characters Like Oblivion Or Infinity?
Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 at 08:20:00 pm EDT (Viewed 536 times)

Okay, sooooooo, I read the Hickman Avengers issue with The Beyonders killing all of The Celestials, the Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity, Lord Chaos and Master Order (And I THINK the In-Betweener, too.). BUUUUUTTTT, they all appear to be back now and the cosmology seems to be changing in The Ultimates. I'm a HUUUUGGGEEEE cosmic fan, especially of the old Jim Starlin stuff, and a fan of characters like The Elders, Warlock, The Stranger, etc. So, since we seem to be getting the cosmic characters back and they seem to be getting killed off all over again, do we know the status of characters like Oblivion or Infinity? Oblivion is very important to the cosmos and the cosmic mythology, so certainly he should either be involved in this, or getting killed off. And how about Infinity? Did she come back to life too, or is she still dead? How about characters like The Stranger, Chronos, etc? I'm not sure that I understand how everything is the same again, but since it is, can anyone clarify this? Thank You.